Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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This movie starts with two families from the same neighbourhood celebrating Thanksgiving together. Little do they realise that by the end of the day their whole world's will be turned upside down.

The families get on well together, the parents are of a similar age and their children are of the same age as well. The two younger girls from the families get on especially well and love playing together. In fact they are always going off together, exploring the neighbourhood and getting into scrapes. That afternoon they are allowed out to play but only with their older brother and sister along to chaperone. There is an old, beat up camper van on the streets which makes for a great climbing frame for the girls but the elder brother of one of them tells them to leave it alone as he thinks that there is someone inside the van. Later on that afternoon as everyone is finished with their meal and are relaxing around the house the two girls slip away to go on another adventure. When their parents go to look for them as they want to go home they can't find the girls anywhere.

At first they are not too concerned but the more that they look the more frantic they become. The brother also notices that the camper van has disappeared from the street. It gets to the stage where the parents and siblings can't find the girls anywhere so they decide that it is time to call the police. The police come and they can't find the girls anywhere either so they put out an all points bulletin for the girls as well as the camper van which they think has something to do with the disappearance of the girls. The one good thing about this movie is that it gives clues all the way along although you are so engrossed you don't really understand that they are clues as they are so subtle. Later that night the camper van is sighted and when a cop goes to stop it the camper van drives off but crashes seconds later. A man is found hiding in the van and he is arrested. When he is brought to the police station it is discovered that the man is of limited intelligence and can't really tell the police anything even though they try their hardest. A forensics examination of his van shows that the girls weren't ever in there. So in the morning they have to release the man but when one of the father's hears of this he hightails it over to the station and confronts the man who whispers to him so no one else can hear 'they only cried when I left them'. Now the father is convinced that he is the person who took the girls. It will have terrible consequences for everyone involved. The father kidnaps the man and brings him to a derelict house where he chains him up and tortures to get information out of him. One by one he brings others into his secret but none are able to talk him out of the terrible misdeed that he has done.

In the meantime the cops have cornered a different suspect and have him custody but before they get anywhere with him a fight breaks out between him and three cops where the man grabs one of their guns and shoots himself in the mouth and blows his brains out. It now seems as if no one has any indication of where the two young girls are. The father has his suspect under control but he is getting no information from him at all. He goes to his house where the man had been living with his aunt and sees if she has any information, however slight, that could help him in his quest to find his daughter. She doesn't. But all of this will come back to him and eventually help him in finding his daughter when the child of their neighbours is found. She tells him that he was already at the place where the two of them were kept and he suddenly realises what she means by that. It is not the young man who took his daughter but the man's aunt. It turns out that along with her husband they have been kidnapping and killing children for decades. The husband's body had been found by a cop in the cellar of a house he was checking out and the man there told him a story he couldn't believe about how this unknown man had told him he had kidnapped and killed 16 children because it turned their families away from the face of God. Now it seems the aunt, his wife, was continuing the work that the two of them were carrying out. However it is not the father who saves the young girl, the aunt gets the better of him and shoots him and throws him down a hole in the yard.

It is the cop who goes to the house and finds the aunt just about to kill the young girl but he shoots her and saves the child.


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