Tuesday, 18th September 2018
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Author Rory Clement Published by Zaffre Price 14.99 Euro

It is 1939 and while England is on a war footing no one really knows when the actual war is going to break out in Europe. Professor Tom Wilde is a lecturer in history in Cambridge and as an American in Britain is seen as a part time conduit for secret information to be passed between the two nations.

In the first book in the series he helped stop the kidnapping of the monarch and in this the second novel he will become involved in trying to thwart the Nazi's in trying to destabilise the British attempts to acquire an atomic bomb. There is an arms race on and there is a serious race between all of the most advanced countries to develop what they term to be a super bomb. The Cavandish Institute in Cambridge is considered to be one of the most advanced scientific academies in the world and so is seen by the Nazis as a legitimate target for either infilt ration to unearth its secrets or simply to destroy it and it's work. Wilde has a friend who works there and he has already been asked, while on a trip to the States, by the President to get as much information about the Cavendish as he can.

Wilde is willing to do this but when one of the scientists gets murdered it seems that there is more going on at the Cavendish then he might have even first suspected. In amongst all of this is the story of the kidnapping of a young Jewish German boy called Albert from a Kindertransport, a boy that Wilde's girlfriend was supposed to be minding for a close friend. There is also another different story going on about the IRA and their bombing campaign of the mainland that a cousin of Wilde's is involved in. Then if that wasn't enough to throw into the mix there is a story of an English Hollywood star who happens to be staying with American friends at their vast estate just outside of Cambridge. She is the sister of Wilde's friend at the Cavendish and it comes as no surprise that the estate is really a mask for the machinations of a large group of

American Nazis working to undermine the institute. It might sound as if there are a lot of disparate things going on in this book and at times it really does feel that way but in the end they all do come together in a plausible manner and things do make sense even if it all happens in a roundabout way. What is better about this novel in comparison to the first is that of it's main character Tom Wilde, in the first he came across as little more than an ingenue, someone who really had a problem in seeing the way that the world worked. In this book he is much more clear sighted and as is always looking for the hidden meaning in what is going on around him. An overcomplicated but ultimately rewarding read.


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