Saturday, 26th May 2018
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Garter Lane Arts Centre in partnership with Waterford Institute of Technology is delighted to present the annual First View exhibition featuring the works of the final year WIT Visual Art students. First View 2018 will see the continuance of Garter Lane Arts Centre’s creative collaboration with WIT Department of Creative and Performing Arts and its emerging graduate artists.

First View was formally opened at on Thursday, February 1st last by Mary O’ Neill, WLRFM, and featured the work of emerging artists Shanice Egan O’Brien, Jordan Guilfoyle, Paulette O’Donovan, Kasia Pylyponko, Joe Fogarty and Dillon Jacob.

First View forms part of the WIT student’s final academic year programme and is an opportunity for the emerging artists to be involved in the full process and practicalities of installing an exhibition in a professional gallery space and exhibiting their work publicly before they graduate. The exhibitions will feature innovative work from the students in a range of media including sculpture, installation, collage and mixed media. The human form is a recurring theme in each of the emerging artists’ work. Though they share this central focus, the individual concepts are vastly different in the way they explore aspects of the human condition- from memory, trauma and dreams, to sexuality, body image and consumerism.

This year, Garter Lane Arts Centre extended the opportunity for students to exhibit their work to students of Visual Communications also. For the first time, First View will be presented alongside a display of illustrative work by WIT 1st year Visual Communications students entitled Visual Identities. As part of their graphic design studies, the 1st year students developed illustrations to interpret Waterford City from two perspectives: their own individual interactions and experiences and the urban city that functions as a vibrant public space. The finished series of digital and handmade postcards and stamps will tinue in Garter Lane Arts Centre until the 15th February 2018. Opening hours:

11am-5.30pm Tuesday – Saturday and during evening performances. Admission free.

All welcome.


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