Wednesday, 17th January 2018
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In the run up to the September All Ireland Final, one song seemed to sweep across the county like wildfire. The song "Up The Deise", penned by local singer John Stack, captured the hearts and mouths of young and old alike, providing a suitable soundtrack for the build-up to the big day for all Waterford hurling fans. John decided to seize the moment and raise money for Waterford Hospice.

"It had some very humble beginnings indeed" said John. "I actually wrote the ditty in my car on my home from a funeral in Cork!" he added. "I stuck it up on Facebook one Sunday night after recording myself with my Phone, and when I woke in the morning it had over 10000 views."

The song went viral very quickly with many websites and social media latching on to the song., GAA Craic, The, PunditArena to name but a few, but most notable interest came from The Irish Mirror who featured it, and RTE’s Nationwide who brought it to national television.

"It was a crazy 2 weeks. It just took off and brought me on a whirlwind journey through all forms of media" said John. "The best thing from my point of view though was how all the kids across the county took to it. Even now, I am getting kids coming up to me singing the song word for word which I think is incredible"

John visited many primary schools and care centres for the elderly before and after the final to bring his song to as many people as possible.

"I have to thank everyone who had any part in helping me sell it. In dungarvan, The Shopping Centre, The Local, The Country Store, David Walsh’s, Shaws and Joe Kelly Pharmacy took the onus to sell them. The Classroom Bar in Lismore sold them. In Cappoquin Bridget Murray and Nora Flynn sold loads and down in Waterford, Gayle in The Hub, The Book Centre and You Choose all chipped in to get it moving. It was a big effort but I’m glad it all paid off"

With nearly 1000 CDs sold, John was able to hand over a cheque for €4000 to the Waterford Hospice before Christmas.

Pictured above is John with his daughters Molly, Ruby and Emily, presenting the cheque for €4000 to Theresa Barrett of the Hospice. Also included is Tia from The Hub Bar in Waterford, sponsors of the CD


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