Thursday, 21st June 2018
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Author Anja De Jager: Published by Constable : Price e25.25

Lotte Meerman has just returned to work after four months off due to a shooting on a case that she was working. There are lots of references to that previous case throughout the book and if you haven't read the first book in the series, this one is the second, then you might find yourself at a bit of a loss.

Whatever Lotte did in that first book has meant that a lot of her colleagues don't find her trustworthy now and she has to fight hard to regain whatever loyalty she had prior to her shooting. Again it has to be said that there are lots of references to what happened but nothing to tell you exactly what happened and even a short passage would have made the whole book a lot more interesting as well as understandable.

The first case that Lotte finds herself on when she returns is the death of a young man on a building site. Seemingly he fell seven floors from a new build when he was working late. Everyone seems to accept that it was an accident but Lotte thinks that there might be more to the case.

The widow seems to be the only one that thinks like Lotte but then again she isn't the most stable of people.

It is only when the widow finds a ticket for a luggage deposit outlet at the train station that things start to turn more interesting.

When she finally retrieves what turns out to be a black bin bag full of human remains then do the rest of Lotte's team take notice.

The majority of the remains turn out to be those of a resistance hero from the second world war but there are also some small amount of bones that are very much more recent. It is these bones that Lotte is more interested in although it turns out as with everything in this case that what appears to be truthful on the surface is something more darker altogether.

It turns out that the glass installation that should have broken the young man's fall from the building was actually put in upside down and also that his brother was there at the time of his death.

The two had actually gotten into a fight and a shove from his brother was the cause of the young man falling in the first place.

This only comes out due to Lotte's persistence as does the fact that the bones from the so called resistance hero actually come from a dutch nazi. The son of the man who was so horrified at his father's actions invented a whole story about him and his mother and who they actually were. And the bones of the other man? - those of another criminal who was murdered after a falling out with some building contractors.

An interesting novel with some flaws but nonetheless a good read when it gets going.


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