Sunday, 23rd September 2018
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Speaking before the event, founder, Tadhg Williams said "Homelessness in this country is at a record high. Consider not having a tree or a turkey and ham at Christmas. Consider not having the Doctor Who Christmas special or Mrs. Brown's Boys or Eastenders. Consider not having one single tin of USA assorted biscuits. Consider not having any gifts at all. Consider not having a place that you can call home at Christmas. BuskAid isn't just a fundraiser, it's a protest. It's a demonstration to show the people in power that we as musicians, activists and voters demand action on this crisis."

Tinteán Housing Association and the Waterford Lions Club Christmas Hamper Appeal. Tinteán Housing Association provide accommodation with support to women and families experiencing homelessness in Waterford City and County. The facilities Tinteán have in Hennessy’s Road in Waterford City are second to none and their service providers are wonderful, dedicated people. The donations they receive from the public go towards improving their facilities and bringing in out-of-house services.

Each year, the Waterford Lion’s Club, in coordination with St. Vincent de Paul provides a vital service helping struggling families by providing them with hampers to ease the financial burden that Christmas presents. Last year, Waterford Lions Club helped over 1200 families and with homelessness figures rising, they expect to be helping over 1400 this year. BuskAid are proud to be contributing in some way to this campaign.

Tadhg Williams, founder and director of BuskAid said "We wanted to make sure any money we raise stays local. These are two very worthy and very effective local charities and we’re more than happy to be helping in any way we can.”

Yesterday’s events concluded under the Apple Market roof in Waterford City would a big group busk. Speaking afterwards, BuskAid volunteer coordinator and co-founder Anna Jordan said "it was immense. Just to see a sea of yellow BuskAid jumpers wash over the Apple Market and to have so many incredible musicians in the one space all contributing to the one thing was amazing. It was fairytale stuff.”

BuskAid would like to thank all of our sponsors and everyone in the media who helped promote the events we held for BuskAid 2017. Most of all, we’d like to thank each and every busker and volunteer that took part. Without them we wouldn’t have had the success we had. We’d also like to thank the people of Waterford for being so generous at this time of year.


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