Tuesday, 21st August 2018
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Author J. Roberts Jane: Published by A & B : Price e9.99

Hermann Kohler and Jean Louis St. Cyr are somewhat of an odd couple working in Occupied France during the Second World War.

One is from the German side and the other is French yet the two work seamlessly together and have even formed a strong bond of friendship. The two work on 'common crime' in the Occupied territory of France and now they are up against one of their most difficult cases trying to stop a thief who goes by the code name of 'Gypsy'.

The man is actually Dutch by birth but since he was a young boy he has travelled with various Gypsy groups throughout Europe and hence the nickname of the 'Gypsy'.

The man has a wonderful capacity for breaking into safes and making away with everything. His knowledge of explosives is also immense.

The first time that Kohler and St. Cyr come across his work is when he is after breaking into a safe in the Ritz where a diamond dealer for the Reich has stored all of his diamonds before bringing them to Berlin where they are needed for various industrial processes. The thing about the break in is that the Gypsy did the robbery and then sometime later set off explosives to let people know that he did the robbery.

While Kohler and St.Cyr are at this scene the Gypsy is close by breaking into safes at Cartier making away with hundreds of thousands worth of precious gems. Before the night is out he will have broken into two more places each and everytime leaving Kohler and St. Cyr playing catch up.

It soon becomes clear that the man is getting help from someone or at least a group of people and the longer the case goes on it turns out that Kohler and St. Cyr know the people, three women, who are involved, all working for the Resistance.

The really bad part of it is that the Germans also know this. Now it is a race against the clock to catch the Gypsy before the women fall into the clutches of the Germans who will stop at nothing, including torture to get the information and the diamonds back into their hands. The thing is that the Gypsy is proving elusive and even though they know he has gotten help from the women he is also getting even more help from a Gypsy women called Tshaya.

The one thing about the novel is that even though the Gypsy and his actions pervade the book you never hear from him and you never in the end see him get caught. Something does happen to him but both he and Tshaya never get caught.

This is a great head long rush of a novel, full of twists and turns with plenty of action that never lets up. Highly recommended.


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