Tuesday, 16th January 2018
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A Christmas Carol on Craggy Island 24th - 25th November

It's that time of year again when this wonderfully comedic group take to the stage for more shenanigans with another highly irreverent musical play. The group has grown considerably over the years, encompassing staff from every area of hospital life and performers from the wider community. Their productions have raised 34,000 euro for charity and they are the only group of its kind in Ireland

This year UHW Theatre Group presents A Christmas Carol on Craggy Island. Christmas on Craggy is all go for Father Ted as he turns The Parochial House into a boutique hotel for Christmas, he has also organised a reunion for the priests who enjoyed their last night at the seminary with him back in the day. Bishop Brennan turns up uninvited during their celebrations and puts a damper on proceedings He informs everyone that they are to perform the Dickens classic "A Christmas Carol" for the parish, to foster good relations and to bring people back to the fold. He also wants to raise money for charity with ticket sales, and, get himself into the spotlight as a mover and a shaker He has gone all out by involving the media and many of them will be in attendance for this much publicised venture. He orders Ted to make the house available to all radio and tv personnel involved, this causes a problem for Ted who already has all the rooms in the parochial house booked up!!As for the play, more misery for Ted as his Nemesis Father Dick Byrne has been allocated the position of Director for the production .His casting sees Dougal as Tiny Tim…. Ted as Bob Cratchit, and, of course the role of Scrooge,the star of the show is reserved for himself , director's privilege . Naturally the opening night is a catastrophe of fluffed lines, wrong entrances and exits and broken bones all brought about by Dougal aided and abetted by Father Jack!

Starts @ 8pm – Tickets €21 available from the box-office / Tel: 051 874402 or online @ http://www.theatreroyal.ie/events/uhw-theatre-group-presents-a-christmas-carol-on-craggy-island


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