Saturday, 18th November 2017
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Although this film is named after Jason Bourne there isn't sight nor sound of Matt Damon in the movie and the focus is definitely on the legacy part of the film.

The movie stars Jermey Renner as a Bourne type figure who realises quite quickly that the shadowy organisation that really brought him into being as the man that he is today is out to get him and anyone else involved in the government programme that he was involved in.

He gets a not too subtle clue about this when a drone blows up a mountainside cabin he was staying in with another member of the programme. Not content with this the programme realises that they didn't do a good enough job and that he is still alive so Renner has to do some self surgery to take out his tracker beacon and then think up of a way to ensure that the programme thinks that they have taken him out.

He does this by trapping a wolf, as you do, and shoving the beacon down it's throat and then letting it off to get bombed to oblivion by a drone which it does.

Now Renner has to find out what exactly is going on and also to find some more 'chems' that enable him to be the superordinary man that he has become. He has practically run out of all the other drugs that he has that were given to him as part of the programme so he has to go hunting for them and to his mind that means going to the laboratory where he regularly gets tested and given his drugs. That however is going to prove a bit of a problem as they don't really hold the drugs there and also the governmental organisation is also shutting the lab down in a very final way. They have orchestrated one of the people that works there to go slightly crazy and bring a gun to work and shoot and kill every one in the lab that was working on the programme, a small but vital group.

This he does but with one problem, one of the people survive, Rachel Weisz's character called Marta. She survives but is in a state of shock and can't understand what has happened how someone seemingly normal one minute can do something like that. She, at this point has no understanding of the governmental organisation that she is dealing with but with the help of Renner she soon learns. He comes to her because he knows her from the times he has gone over to the lab to get tested on various reactions to the drugs that he was taking as part of the programme. When he finds out about the shooting he knows that he should really get there quick smart as her life is still in danger and his attempt at getting more drugs is also in danger with her. Weisz is lucky that he comes when he does as he saves her from a hit squad sent by the organisation to kill her. He kills the entire team leaving the organisation back at base wondering what exactly has gone on. They don't realise that Renner is still alive and out there working for himself. Now that Renner and Weisz have teamed up Renner asks her about the drugs but he gets some news that he doesn't really want to hear. The only way to get the chems that he needs is to go to the source and the only source is in Manilla. This means that the two of them have to get through all of the airport security that that entails.

Luckily for them they manage to do it. When they get to Manilla they go directly to the factory where the drugs are manufactured. They thing is though by having a top flight scientist with him like Weisz she says that she can organise a proceedure whereby she can inject a virus which would mean that he would never again be reliant on the drugs that he has been taking all along. He goes for the idea and he takes the injection. The problem now though is that the organisation is now on to both Renner and Weisz and knows where they are. Now the movie really hots up. The organisation sends one of their top operatives, a sort of super Bourne, after Renner and Weisz in Manilla. Also the police are after them as well and soon they have them surrounded in a slum area where Renner and Weisz are on the run separately but soon come together on the back of a motor bike.

There now ensues a huge chase throughout Manilla where the police are a part of it but the super Bourne is a bigger part of it really. At one stage it does look like they are going to be caught but Weisz kicks out and sends super Bourne flying off his bike to his death and the two of them make their get away. Maybe not as good as the first Bournes it does certainly hold up the more recent in the franchise and Renner and Weisz certainly turn in good performances.


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