Sunday, 19th November 2017
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So says John Kelly, presenter of the legendary radio show, The Mystery Train, of songwriter and performer SEAMUS FOGARTY. But don't take his word it. Find out for yourself when Seamus takes his band to Phil Grimes Pub next Friday November 10th.

A native of Mayo, Fogarty has been based in London for many years and the city provides the canvas for his just-released album, The Curious Hand, which has earned 4 and 5 star reviews across the music press. As Q Magazine stated, The Curious Hand is an album of modern folk songs embroidered with bursts of electronica. According to The Guardian, it takes us 'on magical journeys through fable and modern life and back again'.

Sharing the bill is Arborist, whose album Home Burial was described by MOJO as 'a staggering debut of depth and substance'.

SEAMUS FOGARTY & band play Phil Grimes Pub on Friday November 10th, promoted by Subterranean Sounds. Doors at 8pm. More info at facebook/subterraneansounds.

Tickets in advance from 051875759.


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