Tuesday, 18th September 2018
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Who can believe that it has been 40 years since the beginning of the Antiques Roadshow? While the people on the show seem to age somewhat the concept of looking at antiques hasn't worn thin at all. There are minor changes here and there and at times it does seem that there are too many social items on the programme but on the whole the show seems to hold steadfast to having the sparkliest chains, rings and brooches as well as the best in terms of furniture and paintings. It does certainly seem that the show is all about the money which is not necessarily a bad thing as it gives everyone a bit of hope that all of that tat in the attic might one day be work something.

The emphasis on money is reflected in the latest game that is played on the programme called 'Snakes & Ladders' where you have to figure out what item out of three has kept, increased or decreased it's value over the time of the entire run of the show. It's a fun little game which goes to show that not everything can be valued by the look of some thing but that some knowledge is great thing when it comes to valuing items that people have very little knowledge of themselves even if they might have owned them for years. It is no wonder that the Antiques Roadshow is always such a Sunday night treat.


It comes to something when one of the best dancers on this programme is a geriatric former magician's assistant who can throw her legs up over her head like there is no tomorrow.

Debbie McGee certainly is one of best of this new crop of amateur dancers on Strictly showing that there is no betting on who is going to go straight up to the top of the rankings on this show. There are some people who you just know are going to be good like Alexandra Burke and the little guy from JLS but as for the rest of them they are all much of a muchness hovering around the middle of the scoreboard with nothing really much to differentiate them from each other. That being said this is still one of the best shows that are on in the autumn schedule and that even includes the X Factor which for all of the hype that surrounds it is way behind Strictly when it comes to the ratings. One other person that deserves a mention is the disabled dancer Johnny Peacock who is truly amazing not for being a disabled dancer but just for being a great dancer, his jive a couple of weeks ago was just great and really showed how accomplished a dancer he is.

Of course this year is the first year without Len Goodman and to be honest he isn't really missed except perhaps by Bruno Toniolli who could throw himself all over him to make a point but can't do it with the same abandon with the new head judge Shirley Ballas where he made the mistake of grabbing her boobs at one stage on the first show much to red faces all around.


There is so much to say about this country, its size, its geography, its history and its present day situation that it is a wonder that Simon Reeves will be able to fit it all in. First of all there is the huge size of the country, the largest country in the world.

Reeves starts in the far east of the country which is a massive land mass but which has a relatively small population.

He spends some time with native reindeer herders which are a dying breed, with most of the youngsters move to the cities for an easier life. The collapse of the USSR had a terrible impact on the native tribes who were guaranteed fixed prices for their meat but now they are just at the mercy of the free market.

From here Reeves moves further west and the biggest problem he and his crew encounter is interference from the FSB, the new name for the KGB.

They are pulled over on numerous occasions by the FSB with their Russian crew dragged off for interrogation for hours and it is a delighted Reeves who finally manages to get on the Trans Siberian Railway, the longest railway in the world, with access to the west and hopefully less interference from the secret police.


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