Tuesday, 18th September 2018
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Author Tetsuya Honda : Published by Titan Books : Price e10.10

This book starts with a man having a conversation with some unknown guy at his place of work. The man seems to be in a bad way but it is only some pages later that we find out why when he throws himself off a building under construction. It only turns out much later that the man was forced to do it by the Yakuza due to the debts that he owed them.

This part of the novel only really gets resolved towards the end of the book where the police are trying to solve a murder that seems far removed from what is going on elsewhere. The man who committed forced suicide had a son and one of the man''s few friends, Takoaoka took pity on him and used to visit him in the orphanage where he was sent and then when he was old enough took him on as an apprentice when he was old enough.

It is this man, Takoaoka that the police think has been murdered. His dismembered hand has been found in a van that he used for work and when the police go to his workplace they find it covered in blood, an amount of which no one could be able to survive.

The main detective that the book follows is a young female lead detective called Reiko who is someone who works mainly by following her gut much to the annoyance of her main opposition a man called Kusaka who can't follow what she does and most of all how and why she does it. For her part Reiko can't stand Kusaka either.

But the two of them have to work on this case together and there is nothing they can do about it. They have one of the hand's of Taokoaoka's and now they have to try and find the rest of body and their best bet is the river nearby where the truck was found.

Of course they have to try and find out who the killer is and what the motive was. Then out of the blue they find out that Takoaoka isn't the man that he portrayed himself to be, in fact he wasn't the same man at all as he had already faked his own death and assumed a new identity and all of it done pretty easily too boot.

But he hasn't done that again, they have the DNA on his hand and it is his so what is going on. Maybe by putting tails on everyone that he knew the police might be able to get a breakthrough. They do get a breakthrough but not the one that they expect when they eventually find some more of the missing corpse some miles from the truck.

The torso gives them some clues but not the major one that they were expecting which is the fact that it is not the torso of Takoaoka at all but someone the cops were looking for but were understandably unable to find.

It turns out that Takoaoka has done one more switch leaving his own hand there to confuse the police, but where is the man himself and why has he done something so radical?

A twisty police procedural full of turns and shocks.


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