Saturday, 23rd June 2018
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It is the time of year once again to batten down the hatches and open the ears and the gobs for this year’s Booze, Blaas ‘n' Banter at Jordan’s Bar on the Quay as part of the Imagine Arts Festival.

The early morning Hootenanny will fill its usual early morning slot on the last Saturday of Imagine, on October 28th this year.

This popular event, which has been running since 2011, is hosted by Jordan’s and the Waterford Council of Trade Unions in conjunction with the Imagine Festival's History Day.

A homage to the early house dockside taverns that were prominent along Waterford's Quay's, Booze, Blaas n'Banter, starts at 9am and runs until lunchtime.

Short history talks are interspersed with music, song and poetry, and are accompanied by complimentary blaas with fillings plus tea and coffee.

MC for Blaas n'Banter is Journalist and Writer/Songwriter Ciaran Murphy, who will perform some of his own compositions this year.

Regulars such as Jim Casey, Pat Galvin, Martyn Travis, Paul Dillon, Cathy Desmond, Tom Mullane and Michael ‘Dyksie’ Walsh will be on hand to add a musical underscore to proceedings. Poets Dave Lorden and Louis Quinlan will also step up to the microphone.

Meanwhile, catering will be provided by Peter and Noel Atkins.

This year, renowned DJ, Thin Lizzy aficionado and Irish rock music lover Roddie Cleere will recall his early days in pirate radio in Waterford as well as his love of vinyl, along with tales of encounters with Noel Sinnott and his colourful staff at the now infamous record emporium.

In 1788, Waterford Corporation decided that the 12th Century Norman Protestant Cathedral should be demolished and replaced by a more modern structure.

This proposal was opposed by Bishop Richard Chenevix, of the then-local protestant community.

The plan is said to have led to street protests by the local people of all faiths and none.

However, the city’s corporation and its aldermen succeeded, after purchasing gun powder, in blowing up the Gothic Cathedral, as the story goes.

The current Georgian Cathedral stands on the site of the older structure.

Erica Fay, a longstanding member of the Waterford Archaeological Society and a tour guide at the current Christ Church Cathedral, will relate this sordid tale.

Waterford son, the Journalist Liam Cahill, will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution with a segment called “From Lenin to Limerick”, which looks at the influence the revolution in Russia had on the ‘Irish Soviet’.

Dubliner Paul O'Brien, a writer, critic, and political activist who is currently writing a political biography of Sean O'Casey, has been researching the history of the Blasket Islands for a number of years and is preparing material for a book on the life of the Islanders.

Paul will once again give an informative talk on his findings.

Local actor Lynda Gough (above) will perform her talk “Journeys with Joe”, which is a gorgeous hymn to growing up with her father and enjoying life, while Jack Burtchaell, will address the congregation on Jordan's Rooming House and The Newfoundland Connection.

Complimentary Blaas are by Walsh's Bake House, with fillings by master butchers Jack Molloy and fishmonger Billy Burke.


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