Sunday, 17th December 2017
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This autumn, our school audiences at Garter Lane Theatre will be treated to a new theatrical adaptation of Francis Hodgson Burnett's well loved classic, The Secret Garden for people aged 7 years and up on Thursday 12th October at 10am and 12 noon. Tickets are €8 (Group leaders go free) on 051-855038 or

The show follows Mary Lennox, an unlovable orphan, who has been brought from India to her Uncle's spooky old manor house. In this new environment she is left to her own devices and becomes fascinated by the secrets that seem hidden all around her. Her discovery of a secret garden and her budding friendship with the cranky gardener and a brave little robin shows Mary what it is like to love and be loved and allows her to transform and grow and in doing so to change the whole household and the lives of its inhabitants.

An orphaned little girl, a hundred locked doors, a friendly robin and many secrets waiting to be told... After a sell out run in 2015 at the Everyman Cork and a return run in April this year, BrokenCrow are delighted to bring their expanded show on the road to Waterford audiences, particularly as it stars Nicholas Kavanagh from Waterford. Join a trio of performers on an enchanting journey through this tale of loneliness, secrets and friendship.

'Deirdre Dwyer has adapted, directed and designed a beautiful version of The Secret Garden with a cast of three working very hard to create and sustain the beautiful storyline.' - Liam Murphy


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    Perfidious AlbionThe recent statement by the UK’s Brexit Minister responsible for their leaving the European Union David Davis really threw a spanner in the political works last week. His remark that the joint text agreed between the UK and the EU concerning a soft Brexit for Ireland was more a statement of intent rather than the legal enforceable international agreement between both parties caused consternation in Europe and Ireland.Ireland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney was quick to …

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