Tuesday, 17th July 2018
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It is interesting to think that even though there are quite a lot of adult characters in this series of novels that this particular movie is the last really in the franchise that dealt with the adults in the main. From here on in it is all about the kids but for now this film is about the adults and all the mayhem that they get up to.

There are two main parts to the movie and both of them are ongoing motifs in the films. The first is the schism between the mutants who think that the humans are out to get them and that they should use their powers before they do. The second set of mutants believe that any human actions that are against the mutants are just misplaced and any action should be corrected by reason and humanity, not any special powers that the mutants have. Then of course there is the second motif which is a constant in these films and they are the plans of warped humans who are either trying to misuse the mutant's powers for themselves or else trying to wipe out the mutants as a whole altogether. This is essentially the plot of each and every X men and this one is no different. But what it does it does well and the special powers of each of the mutants is always done well as are all of the special effects. Good pop corn movies even if you've seen them before which you probably have had at this stage.


The Gold Coast in Australia is like the Las Vegas of that country. People go there for one reason and one reason only and that is to kick back and relax and sometimes to get into a little bit of trouble. It was when the Bikies rolled in a few years ago things got a little darker and there was a lot of trouble so a special division was set up to handle tougher crimes and this is the premise of this programme which otherwise is not a hell of a lot different from other shows about cops.

There is a sameness in what they do which will be familiar to most people who have ever watched a cop show on t.v. which will be around 99% of the viewing public. It isn't special no matter how they try and hype things up. It's just the same old police blah. blah. blah that you can get on any number of programmes.


There are people who absolutely hate this show and then there are those who have a sense of humour. It isn't the always the humour that is so obvious each and every time and sometimes it can be quite basic but the best thing about this show is the way in which it is edited, giving each family or group of friends the chance to say something pithy or witty. Considering the amount of time that each of us spend in front of our televisions, sometimes in thrall or other times reading a book or newspaper at the same time there is no wonder

that this programmme is always one of the freshest on the box. It was said some decades ago that 'pop will eat itself' a metaphor for how it will run out of new things to say and in some sense you might say the same thing about this show except that instead of having nothing new to say it is just full of ideas, as full of ideas of all the people that are on the show itself. Not only is it extremely well edited there is also a great social mix of people on the programme on the show also. This Gogglebox is in stark contrast to the Irish Gogglebox which it just seems to be a group of self indulgent squawkers who shout out over each other,, the one making the most noise being judged the winner. There are some quieter people on the programme but they're just drowned out and like so many ideas on Irish t.v. that have been lifted straight from British t.v. the Irish versions always looks so much worse. Which is great to have the Channel Four original so you're not left with the dregs of Irish t.v. yet again.


Talking about the dregs of t.v. washing up on Irish shores yet again we seem to have another programme that was done much better on a British channel coming to our screens. Not that there is anything fundamentally wrong with this RTE show but we've seen it done much better before and so the whole thing seems like an exercise in lack lustre futility. Also for an hour long programme it doesn't seem to get much done in it. It is supposed to be an amateur programme but quite a few of the contestants have had quite professional training which doesn't seem to be that fair on the rest of the people although it would be something of a coup if one of the real amateurs won the show. This is a real hard show to fully criticise as it isn't as if RTE covers much in the way of culture on it's screens consisting as they do of repeats and covers of other shows.


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