Friday, 20th July 2018
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If there is one thing that is harder to stomach than standing naked in front of a full length mirror than this show on Channel Four must be it. Here you have to be completely naked in front of strangers as they dissect every little thing about your body.

It's a dating show but a very different kind of dating show as you have to be naked and stand in a box with a screen which shows only parts of your body as it heads up from feet to face inch by inch and the person who gets to pick who they want to date discusses with the presenter what they think about every part of your body. You might think that it would be as uncomfortable as going skinny diving with sharks but the interesting thing is that all of the people seem to think that it was a good idea to go on the show even if they

didn't have great body confidence to begin with. It is an interesting show if a bit cringy in places, who really wants to listen to people's flappy parts being deconstructed. It is equal parts sensationalist and equal parts revelatory so on the whole it's not a bad show and

it's a great advert for naturism if nothing else.


This comedy about 19th century doctors is nothing short of hilarious. The acting is superb and the comedy is spot on. Highly recommended.

Bake Off’S Extra Slice

In all the commotion about Bake Off moving to Chanel Four no one really gave much thought to its fan show and what was going to happen to it. Of course it would be moving as well, that only made sense but no one really thought about who the presenter would be and it's probably just as well that it wasn't made that much fuss of as there really is only one person that could do this show and that is Jo Brand. She has that combination of no fuss and wacky sense of humour that really makes this show. As part of the panel for the first programme she had Prue Leith on and it was a good move to give the least known judge some space to show her personality of which it appears to be a lot of. Brand knows her stuff and knows how to pitch this show perfectly. It is one case of the Bake Off staying with a formula and a winning one at that.


It seems that if you lived in the 18th Century and wanted to do any sort of travel outside of the major urban areas you were really taking your life in your hands as there were hordes of men on horseback waiting to taking your money and if you put up a fight maybe your life into the bargain. Being an outlaw was high risk as well, if you were caught you paid for it with your life but in a manner of speaking for all of the damage that they did they did become folk heroes songs about whom are still sung down to this day. This programme spoke about individual outlaws but also gave an overview about what was happening in the country at the time that let them ply their trade.

Naturally the most famous outlaw was kept to last and it was interesting to find out that his story was much darker than you might have thought. Dick Turpin, not his given name, was not a gentleman outlaw as we have been led to believe and had more cold blooded murders to his name than might be expected. He was eventually found out after hiding for a number of years after it was suspected that he wasn't the man that people took him to be.

Basically he shot the head off a neighbours cockerel which gave people time to think about his character. After police were informed and a real identification was made he went to the gallows. Outlaws were men of their time, increased policing and the introduction of the railroads made them extinct. An interesting programme that really gave a good overview of the subject as well as highlighted one or two interesting characters.


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