Friday, 20th July 2018
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Game of Thrones

You wait months and months for one of the world's biggest shows to come back in it's final year and what do you get?

You knew it wouldn't match the biggest showdowns that have happened on the programme but you might expect something out of the ordinary.

O.K. an entire family being murdered, dozens and dozens of the Freys that awful family was good t.v. but that was right at the outset and after that everything very much settled down and even a march of the living dead, including giants, didn't take that long either to happen.

It seemed that the entire show was just about setting up the scene for the final battles that are coming to end the show. The fact that the show is now ahead of the books on which the show is based is an interesting concept and it will be sometime before the novels do catch up with what is happening on the show and it will be interesting to see what the writer will do with the books and if they match the outcome on the show. In other words will there be a reworking of the ending of the Games of Thrones if the novel's ending doesn't exactly match those in the book. Given the amount of fans that both the show and the books have around world there would be a lot of interest in having the right ending for the shows. In the opening show however there was very little happening except for at the very, very start.

One thing that we were threatened with was the appearance of guest stars this series and unfortunately it all came true in the first of these.

He might be hugely popular here in this country and his ticket sales are truly huge with over 300,000 and counting but it was massively disappointing to say the pasty, pudgy face of Ed Sheeran on Game of Thrones. He brought nothing to the party even though he did sing for a second or two but you still thought that he and his appearance in the show cheapened the whole thing. The one great thing about this show is that it has never relied on the appearance of guest stars or people looking to get on a hot show for their c.v. or even just the bragging rights and this is the final year just didn't feel right. Whatever you might think about Ed Sheeran his appearance on the show just didn't sit right and distracted from everything that was going on around him. It was a low point in what has been a consistently good programme. If the rumours about Conor McGregor being on the show also turn out to be true then it will be just another case of the plot going just more than a little bit ropey right when they should be hitting things out of the ball park and going out on a high.

You really have to wonder what the producers are thinking about bringing in all of these thirst buckets trying to get in and steal some of the glory that is Game of Thrones. When you start with Ed Sheeran you might say that the only way is up but the guy shouldn't have been in the programme at all.

Extreme World

In giving interviews promoting this new series Ross

Kemp has said that this is the last season of these shows that he will be making. It is a shame that that is going to happen as he is about the only person out there doing shows like this that bring you into parts of the world that no sane person would possibly venture into in full sunlight let alone at night. Also he never really goes for the obvious story either. Consider this first one that he did about the West Bank. He didn't go for the obvious story about Palestinians versus Israelis but rather the drugs story in the Palestinian areas in the West Bank. Again it turned out that it wasn't really all that cut and dried either. Due to the manner in which the West Bank is divided up there was some conflict between the different authorities in the two areas. Again that was disputed by the Israelis who say that they have an active anti drugs agency that works to shut down smuggling, production and distribution of drugs.

But it seems that it is the Palestinians are the ones that are suffering the most particularly with a new drug called Hydro which gives a huge high but also makes addicts really fast. In many areas the police can't keep up with the prevalence of the drug but there are also what we would call vigilante groups working against addicts and dealers trying to stem the tide of drug addiction.

It will be a pity when this show ends but at the same time interesting to see who steps into the vacant role.


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