Thursday, 22nd March 2018
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Wednesday, 14th February 2018

Saturday March 10th at The Theatre Royal

One day Neil’s dad asked him to help deliver the Meals on Wheels. He agreed. Little did they know that their lives would never be the same again.

Except for the bits of their lives that didn’t change.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more gifted comic at the Fringe. The Scotsman

One lean, mean, comedy, killing machine.

The Herald

Show starts @ 8p.m. Tickets: €24 available from the Box Office 051-874402 or

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Wednesday, 14th February 2018

Sunday March 11th at The Theatre Royal

"The Golden Years" is about singing! We have searched back over a hundred years to find the songs that have that special "Singalong" ingredient.

Sometime we go back even further to bring you the beautiful "I dreamt I dwelt in marble halls from "The Bohemian Girl"; sometime it is something more recent. Who doesn’t know "The Candy Store on the Corner"? And for good measure we have included "The Whistling Gypsy", Josef Locke’s ��Hear my song, Violetta" and Danny Doyle’s "Whiskey on a Sunday" among a host of other Golden Hits.

And don’t worry if you have forgotten the words. They will be up there on the screen so you can relax and enjoy the fun.

Ireland’s most popular tenor, Frank Ryan, will be joined by thrilling young soprano Sarah O’Mahony in a melody filled presentation that

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Wednesday, 14th February 2018

Part-time course gives participants the skills to start out in broadcasting as well as the skills to create their own content for Podcasts or YouTube

A Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) certificate in radio broadcasting run in conjunction with regional radio station Beat 102-103 and local station WLR has experienced the strongest demand for its course to date.

The 10 credit, level 6 course helps those who are eager to ‘get a foot in the door’ of the broadcast industry.

Rob O’Connor, WIT lecturer says "2018 has seen the strongest demand for the radio course yet. We had a tough time choosing candidates and some of the people are very strong already. Hopefully this means we’ll see some exciting projects being made."

Over 12 weeks, students will build skills in on-air reading and presenting. As part of the course, they will be introduced to

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Wednesday, 14th February 2018


This documentary could easily have been titled 'we won the lotto and then squandered it all' such was the nature of the people who they covered.

However as a documentary it really scored quite well in covering a topic that not a lot of people know very much about. A lot of people spend hours daydreaming about what they would do with a big win on the lotto but not a lot of people actually have to deal with the reality of it.

It's said that money doesn't buy happiness but it does mean you can live in a higher state of misery and such was the case for a few of the people on the show.

One couple who won in the early 1990's spoke about how they bought cars and spent an inordinate amount on getting the paving

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Wednesday, 14th February 2018

In an age where the default setting seems to be one of unalloyed cynicism it is heartening to come across a programme that it is so heartfelt and honest that it really could bring a tear to your eye. The show is based on the premise that those with disabilities are also out there looking for love and the show follows them in their quest. However it is the way that they do it with no cynicism or playing of games that is really refreshing.

A wonderful show to watch.

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Wednesday, 14th February 2018

Author Adam Lebor : Published by Head of Zeus : Price 18.35 euro

The novel starts with the story of a refugee in Keleti Station in Budapest. Simon Nazir who wakes up early one morning and overhears some men talking near to him. He realises that they are from Syria just like him but one of them sounds really familiar to him so he decides to follow them when they move off.

The man he recognised was a torturer who had interrogated him and he is more than a little curious to find out what the man is doing here in Budapest.

The next thing we know about Simon is that he has been murdered. It's obvious who has done it and why but bringing all of that to light will be an onerous job and it will be down to the main

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Wednesday, 14th February 2018

Now in its third year, the "A Better Place" exhibition has grown each year, with 43 entries received in 2017. Artists are invited to submit two samples of their work to be considered and voted on for a full solo exhibition.

These samples will be displayed at the hospital for a period of four weeks and all who view them will have an opportunity to submit their vote via a voting card. Artists are not identified during the selection process.

Announcing details of the Open Call, Claire Meaney, Acting Arts Director of Waterford Healing Arts Trust, said "We curate a lively programme of temporary exhibitions which offer patients, staff and visitors opportunities to access diverse contemporary art. The exhibitions are important also as they help to lift people’s spirits during what can be a difficult time and they change conversations: they prompt

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Wednesday, 14th February 2018

Got any old musical instruments or gear lying around, not being used anymore and want to give them a new home, Why not donate them to Waterford Youth Art’s and help make New Street Sounds (WYA’s music project) even better this year.

Last year this project ran during the Spraoi Weekend and Waterford Walls events and most weekends throughout the summer.

This year we are building a PA system for the events called Frankenstein!

We are also hoping to open up a couple of rehearsal rooms for local young bands.

We have already received two speakers and an amp/mixer and now we need to add to this.

So if you have anything you can donate, you can be assured it will be put to good use, from drum kits that haven’t been used in years, guitars, amps, microphones and speaker stands.

Donations can be left anonymously

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Wednesday, 14th February 2018

Thursday 15th February

Women’s Stories of WWII is a creative re-imagining of moments from the lives of women during WWII recalling stories of bravery, sacrifice and love amidst the horror of war, as women stood up against Fascism and totalitarianism and refused to accept oppression.

The performance is followed by a post-show discussion with the artists and invited guest speakers to explore powerful women’s stories in history and themes of gender equality and peace. Suppported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The performance features Ode to Ettie Steinberg by internationally-acclaimed playwright Deirdre Kinahan; My Name is Neus by Mary Moynihan and performances including Mary Elmes and Dolores Ibarurri by Mary Moynihan, Fiona Bawn Thompson and Paul Kennedy, remembering stories of powerful women during WWII.

Women’s stories in the performance include Mary Elmes (1908-2002), a Cork woman who was the first Irish personhonoured

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Wednesday, 14th February 2018

New Ross Singers are really looking forward to performing Haydn's Creation on Sunday, March 11th at 8pm in the Church of the Assumption, Rosbercon. They will be joined by musicians and soloists as well as singers from other choirs. For readers who are not familiar with it, the Creation is an Oratorio, this means a musical work for singers and orchestra staged as a concert rather than a theatrical piece.

Haydn was already 66 when he finished writing The Creation in 1798 and it was an immediate success. Of course, it suited the spirit of his times, the Enlightenment, both in England and in his native Vienna where it premiered with an orchestra of 120 musicians!

Times have changed and musical styles change with them. But some pieces of music will always be popular, and even when the words seem a bit

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    Keeping a checkIt is common knowledge that when it comes to technology, if you want to do something, just ask a young person to show you. They have grown up with all the technology that is around us at the moment and seem adept at using it in the easiest fashion possible. But just because young people are good at technology, does that mean that they should have unfettered access to all the sites and apps that are available to them today?Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has just come out and said that he and …

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