Thursday, 20th September 2018
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Wednesday, 4th July 2018

IF you're looking for a night of laughter this July then come along to see Jason Byrne live at Theatre Royal

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Wednesday, 4th July 2018

FREDDIE White is an Irish music legend.

His name has always been synonymous with music of the highest quality whether he's interpreting songs by his favourite writers, such as Ran, Tom Waits, John Hiatt and Guy Clark, or performing his own classy compositions.

Freddie has been part of the fabric of the live music scene in Ireland since the 1970's and he makes a welcome return to Waterford on Saturday, July 14 in Garter Lane Arts Centre.

This tour is called 'One Heart Beating', named after Freddie's 14 th album.

In the past he's been involved in bands such as 'Scullion', with Philip King and Sonny Condell and 'The Fake', who were regarded as one of the seminal Irish bands of the late '70's.

Next of course came The Freddie White Band which toured with Eric Clapton that year and had a string of subsequent

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Wednesday, 4th July 2018

Music 7 nights a week

Most Waterford people have very fond memories of Ruby Lounge which was the late night venue of choice a decade ago.

From this week, the good people at Heerys will be doing their best to recreate that vibe with the best local bands live every night, Sunday through Thursday (from 11.30pm) in a stylish and comfortable environment with a buzzing atmosphere.

Then on Friday and Saturday Heerys resident DJs (Jay Ru, Shaun Whelan, Johnnie Walsh and Paul B) will be spinning the disco, funk, house and cool 80s soundtrack that has made Heerys the place to be at the weekend over the last few months.

With a full bar menu of classic cocktails, wines, beers & spirits, Heery's Late Lounge is proving to be a very popular late night alternative on John Street. The line up of bands this

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Wednesday, 4th July 2018

Book Of The Week

The President is Missing by Bill Clinton & James Patterson

"The dream team delivers big time. Clinton's insider secrets and Patterson's storytelling genius make this the political thriller of the deade." Lee Child. The President is Missing. The world is in shock. But the reason he's missing is much worse than anyone can imagine. With details only a President could know, and the kind of suspense only James Patterson can deliver.

TV show of the week

A Wild Irish Year

Wednesdays, RTE 1 at 11:45pm

A Wild Irish Year is a captivating four-part series bringing us all across the country from our wild coasts, mountains and woodlands to farms, towns and cities. Across each episode the presenting team, Tara Shine, Rob Gandola and Eoin Warner, guide us through a single season showcasing some of our most spectacular natural events and meeting along

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Thursday, 28th June 2018


A middle aged married couple are dropping off their teenage daughter for her last year at college when the husband turns to the wife and tells her that he is divorcing her. Needless to say this comes out of the blue for the wife and she is devastated. Floundering wildly she goes to her parent's house to talk to them about what she should do next. There she hits on the idea of going back to college herself to finish the last year of the degree that she never saw out. She had just gotten married and was pregnant and she and her husband thought it was better that he finish his degree and she become a housewife. Now with the divorce looming she thinks that it's about time to concentrate on her own needs and one

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Thursday, 28th June 2018

Production team, cast and crew from the South Eastern Theatre Group went to the annual AIMS awards in the Gleneagle Hotel Killarney on the 17th of June.

They received a total of 5 nominations including BEST OVERALL SHOW in Ireland for their production of Jesus Christ Superstar last October. The other four Nominations were for Best Chorus, Best Musical Director, (David Hayes,) Best Male Singer (Rob Vickers as Jesus,) and Best Ensemble which they won for the second year in a row. Such an amazing achievement for this group, who work incredibly hard and are passionate about producing top quality theatre in Waterford.

Among the group in attendance was Director David Hennessy, his wife, Theatre Hair and makeup artist Christine, lighting designer Eoin Sheridan, Choreographer Michelle Condon, Jamie Hennessy who played the role of Judas, Audrey Glendon, Karen Hennessy, Linda Reville, Ray

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Wednesday, 20th June 2018


This documentary was probably only commissioned because Russia is hosting the World Cup and it's airing just a few days before the competition opened wasn't by chance either.  The programme was fronted by David Dimbelby who had travelled to Russia to try and get the low down on what the country was really like.  There is a lot in the media about Russia but people in the west very rarely get to see behind the scenes as to what the country is really like. You almost got the impression that you already knew what Dimbelby was going to find out before he actually went and spoke to people and by the end of the show you weren't disappointed.  He interviewed quite a number of people who were in support of Putin and they all seemed

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Wednesday, 20th June 2018

book of the week

The Team that Klopp built

By Shane Clancy

A new exciting book by local man Shane Clancy. An in-depth look back over Liverpool's 2017/18 season under Jurgen Klopp, taken game-by-game. The perfect opportunity to relive the journey as The Reds went from early-season struggles to becoming unstoppable on the road to Kiev. Look back over the events of one of the most entertaining seasons in recent Liverpool Football Club history - the highs, the lows, the goals, the saves. It's all here. Written by Shane Clancy, in partnership with and edited by Daniel Rhodes. Get your kindle edition now online.

tv show of the week

Lords & Ladles

RTÉ One, Sundays 6.30pm

Once again, three of Ireland's top chefs, Derry Clarke, Catherine Fulvio and Paul Flynn, will

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Wednesday, 20th June 2018

Aries- This week is a 9

Hunt for new income. Practice your sales and marketing skills. Polish your digital profile and presentation. Update your portfolio.

Taurus- This week is a 9

Words and actions come together for a personal project. A financial or emotional challenge presents a hurdle. Resolve practical details.

Gemini- This week is a 6

Intellect and intuition agree. Consider your vision, and make plans to realize it. Do the homework to ace the test. Pool your resources.

Cancer- This week is an 8

Your friends are there for you. Don't strain the budget. Find creative solutions to cut expenses. Share sweet moments together and strengthen bonds.

Leo- This week is an 8

Professional puzzles require careful thought. Align logic and emotion. Find a creative, efficient solution.

Virgo- This week is an 8

Long distance travel or cultural studies open your eyes to new ways of thinking. Learn and

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Wednesday, 13th June 2018


There is very little new in this film retelling of the story of Samson. A hugely strong man, Samson is seen as the saviour of the Israelites who are suffering under the rule of the Philistines. Samson, although he is an observant Jew, is still not totally sure why he has been picked out to be a leader and has doubts that he is in some way special, other than his obvious strength.

When the Philistine King begins to hear of Samson’s feats of strength he believes that his power is being threatened and orders his son to kill the man.  The son knows that it won’t be an easy task and instead goes after those that Samson loves the most. He goes after Samson’s beloved, a Philistine woman called Taron which ends in her death. Samson is enraged

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Letters to the Editor

  • Waiting can be bad for your He...

    When the latest statistic that waiting times for patients had risen to their highest level yet, there can't have been too many people that were surprised.There are now over 700.000 people on waiting lists with over 50.000 of them children. That so many people are waiting for treatment in one of the most developed economies in the world is truly frightening. Of course you can take into account the underfunding of the health sector during the economic downturn but it still wouldn't fully explain why so ma …

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