Sunday, 26th March 2017
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Revenue recently published the latest Local Property Tax (LPT) statistics for 2016, detailing LPT Exchequer receipts of €463m and showing a continuing high compliance rate. LPT collected in 2016 included approximately €50m in prepayments for 2017, and €70m in payments for 2015 and earlier years, as well as almost €8m in Household Charge (HHC) arrears.

Commenting on publication of the latest statistics, the Collector-General, Michael Gladney, said that since Revenue assumed responsibility for collection of arrears of HHC in July 2013, more than €64m has been collected, bringing 360,000 additional properties into compliance. Referring to the continuing high LPT compliance rate, Mr Gladney said “the vast majority of property owners fully comply with their LPT payment obligations, either in a single payment or with phased payments. As long as payment obligations are being met, Revenue will automatically roll over existing payment methods for property owners who pay by direct debit or by deduction at source from pay/pension.”

Mr Gladney reminded property owners “if you want to pay in full by debit/credit card or cheque, next Wednesday (11/01/2017) is the LPT payment deadline. If you want to pay in full by Annual Debit Authority (an electronic cheque) you must confirm this with us by next Wednesday (11/01/2017), and the payment will not be deducted until 21 March 2017.”


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