Tuesday, 19th June 2018
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"Does this sound democratic and in the spirit of open dialogue?" asks former IFA County Chairman.

Innogy Renewables Ireland, Ltd (subsidiary of German multinational RWE) and Coillte have given the people of West Waterford and East Cork little notice by advertising their ‘Public information Event’ in the local media only a week and a day before the event.

The communities of Knockanore, Kilwatermoy & Glendine, Ballyanthony, Coolbeggan East and West, Dunmoon, Dunmoon South, Knockaun Kilcalf, Lyre, Breeda and further afield into East Cork are struggling to attend at such short notice. To add to the problem the ‘Public information Event’ is only open between 4-9pm at KGK Community Hall on Thursday 31st May, making it very difficult for hard working families with young children to find time to attend this crucial meeting which will inform them of the fate of their community.

The KGK Working Committee has recently been informed that despite Innogy and Coillte booking the Community Hall in Knockanore on 4th May they waited till the 24th May to issue letters notifying people who live within 1km about the impending meeting; not all of the homes in such close proximity received a letter.

Innogy and Coillte have only in the last week made available a map of the proposed site despite, along with Highfield Energy, having been in contact, with a small number of private land owners over the last 12months seeking access to lands for construction purposes.

Over the last 10 weeks since Innogy Renewables Ireland, Ltd erected a wind test mast at Coolbeggan West - taken down after complaints to the Council that it did not have planning permission.


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