Sunday, 23rd September 2018
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Michael Garland,

bizBoost Chair,

Waterford Business Group

A barrel FULL of Rotten Apples!!!

The fallout from the Cervical Check debacle, will I have absolutely no doubt, rumble on for many a week to come. There now appears to be revelation after revelation, that all is not well in the higher echelons of Government’s many broken departments.

Our HSE, is spending more time and money looking after itself. Rather than the very people it was set up to protect. Does it really surprise anyone, we are once again being told, that more and more of tax payers’ money is being completely and utterly wasted? No! It has been going on for what seems like millennia. Our representatives in power, can do little or nothing to affect positive change. In fact, successively elected TDs to the Dail, have tried to take on Government Departments, only to fall heavily on their own swords.

Such is the secretive nature, of just who and what, runs the likes of the HSE. We, the very members of the public who pay significant taxes to prop up Ireland’s "Leaning Towers", are left wondering, just what needs to be done to fix the unfixable?

All last week, senior medical practitioners, were openly saying the HSE is "Banjaxed!" Tell us something we do not know? Every dog in the street, knows that our Senior Civil Servants run the country. Their lap dogs appear to be the very people WE elect. The tails wag the dogs and these poor, old, mange ridden pooches are of course the Minister in charge. They are being laughed at behind closed doors. It seems that one department after another, is just lining up the Ministers to be shot. Minister bashing, it’s a game of sport. The harder you bash them, the better we protect ourselves.

It’s also endemic. Our "D4" Housing Minister has, apparently, been massaging the homeless figures! Now there’s another shock? I think not. Colluding, conspiring, plotting and scheming, to keep them under the "Magical" 10,000 mark. He has "Re-categorised" what does and doesn’t define being homeless. No doubt egged on by senior departmental staff, who are happy to be in cahoots with him in mysterious, secretive meetings. Wouldn’t it be advantageous to be a fly on the wall? To have undisclosed access to minutes of such gatherings, would be priceless. To know for sure, just who is pulling the strings?

Surely there must have been someone in attendance, during such forums, with a modicum of common sense? You would think there might have been one voice, just one voice saying, "Hold on a minute, maybe this is the wrong thing to do?"

It appears, that there are no moral gatekeepers in any of our Government Departments? If there were, then Vicky Phelan would not have had to stand up in court and be attacked by the HSE’s legal team. Or should that be "Legal Pariahs?"

What has gone on in the last 2 weeks, has been nothing short of appalling, atrocious and abysmal. In this modern day Ireland, our Political Glitterati should not be fearful of correcting, or chastising Senior Civil Servants. These people have an air of invincibility about them. They are in their own eyes, untouchable! After all have we ever seen or witnessed one actually being sacked, for any form of negligence? Of course we have not. The fall guy is always the Minister, or at the very least, a Junior Minister.

This culture within such bodies has to be broken. Therein lies the toughest of challenges. No one can shape or influence any logical form of change management, when it is resisted at every single turn. This culture, this discrimination, this lack of humility, flows freely through the arteries of such big organisations and out of every single tentacle. We see, to a lesser extent, the direct affect this has had on Waterford and the wider SE region.

Lack of investment in our hospital, education system, transport infrastructure....etc is not the fault of poor, pitiable, pathetic public representation. Rather, it is the direct influence of Senior Civil Servants simply not "Allowing" this to happen.

The next time you get that "Knock-knock at the door", asking for your vote, enquire how many rotten apples they are prepared to toss out of the barrel, then decide!


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