Tuesday, 22nd May 2018
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Michael Garland,

bizBoost Chair,

Waterford Business Group

"Golden Circles" everywhere!

May's so called "Dementia Tax", ensured that thousands of

traditional bedrock Tory voters would jump ship, for fear of

losing their homes, farms or property. This, along with many other "Stupid" manifesto promises, well and truly put several nails in her coffin.

In the meantime, that wily old fox that is Jeremy Corbyn, promised young and old voters, the earth, moon and the stars. In terms of what he would deliver, for FREE, if he and his Labour party were given the mandate to govern the UK. Let us not forget that it is always easier in opposition at election, time to guarantee voting nirvana, when you don't actually have to make the books of Government balance. The same, back of a fag packet economics, goes on at the moment with FF, SF and the so called Independent Alliance. Their economic policies as individual stand alone plans, probably do stand up to individual scrutiny. But, as a combined fiscal strategy, these are as watertight as a sieve.

It is also worth pointing out, that there was a huge amount of arrogance within the May campaign. That could clearly be seen on her battle bus's shrink wrapped blue colour scheme and campaign slogan, "Theresa May for Britain" – no mention of the Tory party! There was very little acknowledgement of the actual Conservative Party, but lots of references to what Theresa May would do for the voter.

In the end May lost the trust of the voters and Corbyn gained the trust, albeit temporarily, of many others. Nobody really expected Labour to win, but many were prepared to give May a handicap to impede her run towards another "Solid" term in office. Her majority Government is no more and a rather uncomfortable alliance is now being sought, with that "Most stable" of parties the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)! I just wonder if Arlene Foster will ask for too much and that the Tories will be back to the people in a few months time?

It would seem now, that both UK and our own Irish politicians are much more remote from us, their paymasters. I put this down to the "Golden Circles" that they inevitably surround themselves with. After all, if your Cabinet, committees and work teams are all made up of "Lovies" and people who are prepared to "Lick arse", then you are going to always get a consensus of opinion. There will be absolutely no buffer against someone standing up and saying "A hum, excuse me, but maybe, just maybe this is not what our voters want?"

To put it another way and to use a cycling analogy. Supposing you are unfortunate enough to get a puncture on your bike, whilst out on our Greenway and replace the inner tube with the wrong sized tube, i.e. you put on a bigger tube, then you are in real trouble. Whilst all may look well on the outside, whilst you cycle the bike, the ride will be extremely unstable and well, downright dangerous. The fact is that Governments are, in far too many instances, putting on "Big tubes", instead of finding the right and correct size in the first place. They are guaranteeing themselves a bumpy ride by being downright lazy in not doing the right thing in the first place.

"Golden Circles" are here to stay. I fear that they are now becoming accepted, as part of our everyday lives in terms of politics. You can be sure that during the FG leadership election campaign, groups of the chosen few, from each camp, would have been sitting in darkened rooms paying tribute to their own efforts to get their man elected.

Unfortunately, we in Waterford don't even have access to the "Bronze Circle". For the foreseeable future, we will be outside of that circle, unless we find a real political heavyweight.


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