Saturday, 18th August 2018
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Wednesday, 15th August 2018

What is the flexible retirement challenge?

The Finance Act 1999 introduced flexible options on retirement for many pension arrangements. This has had a massive impact on the choices available to people when accessing their retirement benefits.

Do you:

- Leave your whole pot intact until you decide what's best for you

- Secure a guaranteed income by purchasing an annuity

- Flex your options with adjustable income investments to suit you needs

- Transfer out cash in amounts to suit your requirements

- Access your whole pension savings in one go, subject to tax

- Some or all of the above

These choices can seem overwhelming. The good news is, despite the confusion, there is a real opportunity to take control of what your retirement could look like.

Planning your spending in retirement is the most difficult of financial challenges you will face. Think how long it takes to decide which phone provider to switch to

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Wednesday, 15th August 2018

Barry Wright recently spoke to us at the weekly Connect Effect meeting. Barry who resides in Adamstown, Wexford is the owner of two businesses and works nationwide. His first business provides Safety Services and his second business provides Cost Management Services, both of which he is highly qualified for.

Barry Wright holds an MSc Degree in Occupational Safety & Health Management and a Diploma in Health & Safety at Work from UCD. Barry is the Managing Director of Wright Safety Services which provides a range of services including the provision of Safety Statements, various training courses and Risk Management services to industry.

Barry is also an Incorporated Financial Accountant, a Qualified Financial Advisor and a Member of the Irish Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management. As Managing Director of Wright Cost Management Services, he provides cost management and reduction services to companies,

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Wednesday, 15th August 2018

Michael Garland bizBoost PR

Blood, sweat and fears!

Two Saturdays ago, I and many others, took some very deep breaths, swallowed a few brave pills, crossed the border and ventured into County Kilkenny. Black Cat country!

Thankfully, John Paul Phelan has not yet built his "Wall", but it's only a matter of time. Forget Brexit's impact on the movement of free travel across Europe. JPP will have the Deise folks needing visas to cross the River Suir, to access all things North of Ferrybank.

I would guess that over 500 took part in the "Tour De Kilkenny". Okay, so this was not the Tour De France. It's not a three week cycling marathon, but a one day event with a choice of four cycling routes.

The four circuits were 44km, 77km and 110km long. For the "Big boys and girls" there was a challenging, energy

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Wednesday, 8th August 2018

John Smiles

Population ageing raise taxes or cut services?

For many years, government, interest groups, pension providers and financial advisers have spoken about the impending 'pensions time bomb'.

A recent report from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) in the UK casts a different slant on the same problem.

The OBR carries out a fiscal sustainability report every year on the basis of current Government policies.

It shows the future cost of the public services Government has to provide by law together with a projection of its revenues.

Debt interest is the only large item of UK public expenditure that is contractually bound but it is probably safe to assume that no future Government will be able to reduce public spending on pensions; long-term care; health; education and welfare payments.

The cost of most of these services is primarily determined by demand which is linked to the

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Wednesday, 8th August 2018

Michael Garland bizBoost PR

'Mamma Mia', I should have gone to bingo!

There are some things which you do in life, that'll have you wondering "Just why did I do that?" You know those moments those persuasive people around you, who get you to jump off a high wall onto a pile of snow, only for you to break your arm! Snow, no matter how high it is piled up, gives no guarantee of a soft landing does it Andrew Meikle?

As young innocent youths, growing up in the village of Pitlessie, we got up to ALL manner of "silly games!". The wee village we lived in had around 300 inhabitants, not a massive population by any stretch of the imagination, but to us it was the centre of the Universe. We went to school together and considering that the local primary had

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Wednesday, 1st August 2018

John Smiles

Qualified Financial Advisor

Will we have a US China Trade War?

The risk of a trade war between the USA and China has grabbed markets' attention recently, fuelled by headlines; Twitter quotes from Donald Trump and also because of the threat of retaliatory action from China.

Equity markets are under pressure, credit spreads are wider, and bond yields are lower as a result.

No one wins in a trade war - The argument for free trade is based on the theory of comparative advantage, according to 19th century economist David Ricardo.

Comparative advantage is the ability of a country to carry out a particular economic activity more efficiently than another country.

The theory states that if countries specialise in producing goods where they have the lower opportunity cost, there will be an increase in economic welfare and both countries will gain by trading with each

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Wednesday, 1st August 2018

Michael Garland bizBoost PR

No more 'Tiers'!

Last week we learned that Waterford and the South East region, is continuing to languish in the third tier of Ireland's economic recovery. This SE corner is struggling so badly, that there are no signs, in the very near future, of promotional opportunities to elevate us into the higher league.

With the continued lack of Government investment and support, you have to ask "Will we ever get the help that other towns, cities and regions receive?"

When the 2018 WIT South East Economic Monitor was made available, were we really, in all honesty, surprised by the findings? Every man and his dog knows, that there's very little disposable income across the region.

Despite the headline grabbing 2040 commitments and our North Quay development, there's really not much else to get excited about.

Successive years of neglect have come home

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Wednesday, 1st August 2018

Sunflower Cottage, Carrigeen, Via Waterford is a charming detached and part thatched cottage which has been completely restored and also has the benefit of a large extension.

This unique property has been restored with the love and attention to detail that is second to none, and which can be felt immediately upon entering this fine family home.

The property is entered by a large cobblelock driveway surrounded by well maintained mature gardens and a detached garage.

Located in the heart of the village of Carrigeen, a beautiful, peaceful village in South Kilkenny, close to the River Suir, with superb connection links to Waterford, Kilkenny and Dublin.

The property is just a 1 minute walk from Carrigeen NS, St Kevin's Church, and the village shop and pub.

The property is situated just 1.5km from

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Sunday, 29th July 2018

John Smiles

Qualified Financial Advisor

What can you do if declined Life

Insurance Cover?

Being declined life insurance cover is a serious but not very common event. Cover is generally declined because underwriters believe your application poses a higher risk than they are prepared to take on.

The risk factors that can cause a declinature are:

- Pre-existing medical conditions

- Hazardous occupations

- Professional sports person

- Extreme sports

- High risk hobbies/past times

When underwriting life insurance, insurers must assess the level of extra risk presented in each individual case, where any of the above factors are present.

The underwriter classifies those risks and if a policy cannot be issued at standard terms, the insurer can:

- Postpone the application for a period of time

- Apply a rating to the case which will cause the premium to increase

- Decline the application

Postponement usually occurs because you are recovering from an illness or have recently been diagnosed with a new illness.


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Sunday, 29th July 2018

Michael Garland bizBoost PR

Where is 'The Home of the Greenway'?

After 40 day and 40 nights of brilliant sunshine, it actually rained on Sunday 15th July - a day that will surely live long in our memory.

There's a very fine line between riding the crest of a wave and drowning in your self-importance. It's a strange game to want to participate in and to those that do, I readily tip my hat, as you really can never win - damned if you do and damned if you don't.

If you were watching the footie, you'll remember in years to come, that on this day, France won the World Cup in Moscow, 20 years after lifting the trophy in Paris.

It was also the day that Novak Djokovic lifted his fourth Wimbledon title. Made all the more remarkable, when you consider the injury hampered

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