Thursday, 30th March 2017
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While no one should really look for outside validation it was heartening this weekend to read on one of our national newspapers about so many things that go to make Waterford such an exciting and unique place. X-rays were invented here, the foremost female novelist of the early Republic lived here and Robert Boyle the renowned scientist worked and made many of his world's first discoveries in Lismore. But what was singled out for special comment was the ancient Viking settlement of Woodstown just outside the city which is the largest Viking site ever found outside of Scandanavia. All of these, and more, go to make up the unique heritage that we have in Waterford and that combined with our location makes us a very special place indeed.


Letters to the Editor


    Attack in LondonThe recent Islamist terror attack in London is the latest reminder that the extremists have not gone away and have not given up. As one commentator succinctly put it the weapons at the man's disposal, a car and a knife, are the sort of implements that everyone in the country has access to. In that context it is becoming much clearer that it is the environments in which these people are allowed to grow and develop their warped ideologies that are the most pressing areas of concern when it …

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