Tuesday, 25th April 2017
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Disability Rights Activist Joanne O’Riordan says she is bowled over to learn that six year old Aisling Rockett from Fenor N.S., Waterford has been shortlisted to win an incredible ?10,000 for her drawing in the

Doodle4Google competition. Aisling who is in senior infants was inspired by Joanne’s life story and as a result created this incredible drawing that captures the imagination of a clever, smart and talented young girl.

Principal Tim O’Byrne says “having a finalist in our school is brilliant. We are a remote school with limited opportunities for fundraising and that has its drawbacks. If we were lucky enough to win the overall competition, it would allow us to equip the school with new laptops and printers. It would enable our pupils to hone their IT skills and prepare them for their journey through the education system. Joanne is a formidable character and it is fantastic to see that her story is inspiring young children like Aisling.”

Joanne says “I can’t believe that I would have such a positive impact on someone so young. To be fair the drawing is pretty wicked and clearly she thought of everything. What an amazing, creative mind. I know I’m biased but I’m seriously impressed, Aisling rocks!”

Fenor National School is located on the "Waterford Copper Coast" 6 km from Tramore, County Waterford. There is a church and pub in the village with a mini-farm close by but no shops.

Mrs Branigan who teaches the senior infants class at Fenor N.S school says “I often tell my senior infants about real life heroes. One of my stories from last year was about Joanne O'Riordan. I told the class that the United Nations heard about Joanne and invited her over to America. They were in awe of Joanne and I explained that Joanne asked the UN to build her a robot. A few weeks later, I asked my class if they wanted to enter the "Doodle 4 Google" competition. The theme this year is “If I could create anything, it would be......". Aisling asked if she could design a robot to help Joanne. I was stunned and now we are here. It’s fantastic for Aisling.”

Aisling Rockett the six year old behind the incredible drawing says "If I could create anything it would be a robot to help Joanne put on her hat and coat for when she goes outside. I called the robot

'Isabella the smart fella’ because it’s all about helping Joanne; The robot has sprinklers on her head, which squirt out water and sponges on her hands to help Joanne keep her house nice and clean. Isabella also has a clock on her body so if Joanne needs to know the time Isabella will be able to tell her. I know Joanne is a very busy person so I think the clock would be helpful. I think Joanne is very brave and I really hope the people in the United Nations will make her a robot.”

Finally Joanne says “Let’s all help Aisling and her school secure the ?10,000 prize.” She further adds that “Every now and then we hear about young people doing bad things. Well, it’s always nice to praise young people too especially when they do good things. Aisling is one such person I really hope she wins.”

To vote simply log on to the Doodle4google page and Vote for Aisling Rockett’s drawing Group 1 “Isabella “the smart fella or simply click here https://doodles.google.ie/d4g/vote.html#d=d1-2

Voting closes February 21st.


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