Wednesday, 19th September 2018
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If politics is sometimes glibly considered showbusiness for ugly people then what can you make of the fact that three people from the same t.v. show have decided to put themselves forward for the forthcoming Presidential elections.

That three businessmen from Dragon's Den are now looking for Council nominations so that they can go forward and fight the Presidential elections must be something of a record and it will be interesting to see if all three of them will be able to secure themselves the four Council nominations that they need to enter the race.

You have to wonder why they would want to put themselves forward for what will be a very intrusive process where your every belief as well as your entire life history is put under massive scrutiny. It is certainly not for the faint hearted.

One of them has already gone through the process but still Sean Gallagher, a businessman from Donegal, is willing to go through it one more time. He went up against the incumbent President the last time and lost and at the time it was thought that a tweet that was brought up on a live election programme at that time did him enormous damage.

He later went on to sue RTE over the tweet and won his case but it was too late by then. It does however go to show just how difficult and precarious the life of someone who involves themselves in politics can be. You might have a great record but if you say the wrong thing at the wrong time then it can be devastating.

Already though the jockeying for position in the election is taking place. A poll carried out by the Irish Daily Mail revealed that 65 percent of the electorate will be backing the incumbent Michael D. Higgins. It is a large position of power from which to start. However that can all change.

When Mary Robinson first entered the Presidential race she was given odds of 100-1 and yet went on to win the Presidency.

At the start of the year it looked as if Michael D. Higgins would go into a second term as President without any difficulty. Now it is beginning to look as if there might be a real competition about to happen.

That so many people from different backgrounds have thrown their hats into the ring has to be a good thing but many of them yet have to secure a solid nomination to go forward into the race proper. That will all become known over the next number of days and Sinn Fein have yet to declare who will run for them.

No doubt over the coming weeks there will be plenty to keep the nation engaged before the actual day of the Presidential election itself.


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