Tuesday, 19th June 2018
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The Government wants us to vote "yes" in the abortion referendum in order to delete unborn children's right to life and allow abortion on demand in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Abortion campaigners claim that there is no human being yet alive by this point. That's why they think abortion on demand is permissible.

They are completely wrong. By 12 weeks the baby in the womb has a beating heart, can swallow and yawn, can kick, stretch and jump, has arms, legs, fingers and toes, has fingernails and hair, has all her vital organs, has vocal chords, responds to touch, and has a fully formed face. He or she is a baby human being. This is a matter of basic science.

What a baby at 12 weeks of age in the womb won't have if we vote "yes" is any kind of right to life. They can be aborted at will. Even up to six months of age it will be perfectly possible to abort unborn children under the Government's proposals. It will be possible on the same grounds that have led to abortion on demand in England: the notorious "mental health" ground. Ninety-seven percent of British abortions occur on the "mental health" ground. In practice it amounts to unrestricted abortion. And it will be perfectly legal to abortion a child up to the point of birth, again on "mental health" grounds.

So if the referendum is passed we will end up with a very similar abortion law to Britain's, where one baby is aborted for every four that are born. And yet the Government talks about "care" and "compassion". The fact is that if the Government's proposals become a reality thousands of lives will be taken in our GPs' clinics and in our hospitals. And we will fund this through our taxes at a time when our health system is already under massive pressure.

Now obviously lots of people have legitimate concerns about hard cases. But this referendum is not about hard cases. It's not about healthcare


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