Monday, 20th August 2018
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It has recently been estimated that some Irish families are paying over 3,000 euros a year so that their children can have grinds. Not necessarily a peculiarly Irish phenomenon grinds are effectively extra tuition in subjects that a student, or their parent, feels they need extra help. Of course they are available to everyone, or at least those who are able to pay for them. And that is where the problem lies in so far as many believe that it skews the advantages that some students have over others whose parents can't afford them. It's a difficult line to argue whether they are a right thing to have available or not but so long as students need help and their parents can afford them then they will likely continue, no matter the cost.


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    Rush to CriticismThere are not many people who at this stage have not heard about the Cash family and what happened to them. The mother and six of her children had to seek accommodation in the Tallaght Garda Station last week as they had absolutely nowhere to turn to. It led to an outcry as pictures of the young children sleeping on seats were posted to social media by the mother.Understandably there were a lot of people who were saddened to see that in this day and age that a family had to resor …

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