Tuesday, 17th July 2018
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As the days become longer and as the summer months become inexorably closer, so we approach the high point of the tourism season in Waterford. In the last number of years there have been a number of developments that have certainly ensured that the numbers of tourists in the city and county have improved.

There has been the development of the 'Viking Triangle' which has been hugely promoted as well as the addition of the wonderful Medieval Museum in the center of the city which has been a huge tourist draw. The establishment of the Waterford Crystal centre in this area of the city has also been a boon.

Historically Waterford has been seen as a 'corridor' county when it comes to tourism. A place where tourists merely passed through on their way to somewhere else like Kilkenny or Kerry and Cork. Now there has been a huge emphasis on the branding of the city as a unique and special place to visit. A place where people can see and do things they can't in other places. Nowhere in the country is there a Viking heritage quite like there is here in Waterford and it is only fitting that the city and it's environs has been branded as a place of special interest to visit, a place where you can see things that you can't anywhere else in the country.

The 'Viking Triangle' is a wonderful concept and it's promotion is of great benefit to the city, giving tourists an immediate understanding of what they can see and do here. Everything else that bolsters that perception in terms of museums and visitor attractions is only of further benefit. What is great about the area is that it is of interest to not only tourists from outside the country but to those from the island of Ireland as well. Both types of tourists can enjoy the area for the same reasons.

While foreign tourists on a time limited tour of the country might find that there are no big attractions like there are in Kilkenny, Kerry or Cork that doesn't mean to say that tourists who have more time on their hands won't find plenty to enjoy about Waterford.

Waterford is blessed to have a wonderfully eclectic coast that has something for nearly everyone as well as having mountains and forests that will appeal to the more adventerous of spirit. The city and county might just at this time be getting it's act together in terms of branding the tourist experience in Waterford but that doesn't mean to say that it hasn't already got something substantial to build on.


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