Saturday, 23rd June 2018
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We've all heard of the Soviet 5 year economic plans so it is interesting to hear that the Fine Gael led Government is now in the process of rolling out a 22 year plan for the country. The Project Ireland 2040 plan is set to revitalize all the regions of the country and essentially improve the economic viability of every area by listing out all of the things that, depending on size, every area of the country should have by the plans end in 2040. Naturally enough there has been widespread scepticism on behalf of the opposition with Fianna Fail coming out and saying that the plan was effectively a huge election manifesto on behalf of Fine Gael. Fine Gael has said that everything has been expertly researched and costed. The cost of the plan is expected to be 116 billion euros. Whether this is all pie in the sky from a Government that won't be around in a years time let alone 22 years or a plan with legs remains to be seen.


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