Tuesday, 22nd May 2018
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Celtic Bounce

That our economy has steadily been getting better in the last number of years is something that won't be lost on most people. In fact things were so bad for so long at one period that there was no other way but up. Things are getting better but the questions have to be how much better and for whom? That there has been a bounce in our economy was witnessed by the better than average trading figures for the Christmas and New Year period. People did have more money to spend and they went ahead and spent it. But what situation does that leave them in when now in January all the bills are due and are set to come flooding in. The fact remains that there has been a lift in our economy but it probably isn't as good as people think that it is.

People are still living from pay cheque to pay cheque and for those who are out of work or on any sort of state assistance things are even worse. You only have to look at the major sectors of the economy and see that the things are floundering. Everyone knows that the housing sector is one of the worst performing areas in the economy and the way that it operates it won't be for some years until things get better.

The same is true when it comes to Health, it is not just with people on trolleys that things are bad but it is all through the entire health sector that things are underperforming. It is inevitable at this time of the year as it is always at this time of the year that the health sector takes up all of the headlines but if you focused on health at any other time of the year you will be met with waiting lists and delays.

Education is another area of the economy that is not performing well and in some primary schools they have even had to draft in student teachers in order to have some sort of suitable adult in the classroom. All of this is just symptomatic of how badly our economy is performing. Yet even when the economy was booming we still had problems in all of these areas so it is not surprising that now things are as bad as they are. Even down to the ordinary person on the street, they don't have as much money in their pockets as you might think that they have. It is often quoted that a rising tide raises all ships but you only have to look to see that the tide isn't exactly rising that much. There might be a bit of a 'celtic bounce' around in the economy but it isn't bouncing that high and isn't really helping that many people. While we might like to think that things are getting better, and maybe they are for a few, there doesn't seem to be very much bounce in the celtic ball as yet.


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