Wednesday, 19th September 2018
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Show, name and shame those illegally dumping!

Dear Editor

Waterford City Councillors, Jason Murphy and Eddie Mulligan, both of Fianna Fail, have been working together to tackle an escalation in illegal dumping, which is now blighting the whole City.

Following their continued representations, to Council, on this matter, a number of overt and covert cameras have now been installed, to monitor known illegal dumping sites/areas. The two Councillors would also like to compliment the full cross-party support, on this horrible, mindless action, which affects the presentation of the urban environment.

At the most recent Metropolitan Council meeting and speaking on behalf of the both of the Fianna Fail Councillors. Eddie Mulligan complimented the Council’s Environmental department on their recent installation of the mobile cameras in response to a number of submissions.

Cllr Murphy stated "...that according to the most recent Managers Report only 51% of ‘On the Spot’ Litter fines were paid this year, to date and that this is unacceptable and is a reflection that the risk of a fine, as a deterrent, is not working!”

Councillor Mulligan added "...that the top category of environmental complaint received, in Council, is illegal dumping and the culprits escaping punishment, must be deterred and stopped!”

During the meeting, Cllr Mulligan, supported by Councillor Murphy, requested that the Council consider a "Show, Name and Shame” campaign, from still shots from the newly installed CCTV cameras.

Cllr Mulligan outlined how this approach has worked very successfully with Dublin Council. An example of which would be in the North inner City. CCTV has been used to obtain high resolution still photographs, which are then incorporated into a poster campaign to successfully combat illegal dumping, in the Five Lamps area of the City.

"There should be a name and shame campaign running in parallel, to name those who are fined, whether they pay the penalty or not!” according to Cllr Mulligan.

In response to the Councillors, Waterford Council stated that they would review the Dublin campaign and check if it can be carried out within the confines of the law, in relation to current data protection legislation.

Both FF Councillors complimented the good civic pride of the vast majority of Waterford’s citizens. The never ending anti-litter work of Waterford Council, businesses and in particular the fantastic work, of the likes of the Tidy Town volunteers, throughout the County year in year out.

"The thoughtlessness of the appalling, grubby, filthy habit of people persisting in illegal dumping must be tackled by new innovative means!” states Cllr Mulligan.


Cllrs Mulligan & Murphy


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