Tuesday, 22nd May 2018
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Waterford Women's Support Network express appreciation for Minister Halligan

Dear Editor

In light of recent media revelations,we would just like to show our appreciation for all the help, support and guidance received from John Halligan the Minister for State over the past 5 years.

His support has enabled us to run Conferences, information evenings, training events and health promotions. All of which have been attended by ladies & gentlemen from Waterford City, County, South Kilkenny, South Tipperary and Wexford.

It is important to note that John has always shown us the greatest respect, expressed interest and put his trust in us to run events that will provide valuable information to all the Community through these free events.

We acknowledge he shouldn't have asked a potential interviewee a particular questions, but did so out of interest to facilitate her and her family regarding flexible working hours working in the Dáil (should she be successful in securing the position).

We know from years of previous experience, that John does indeed promote a family friendly policy and is always willing to facilitate working mothers and continues to be flexible, understanding and support those working for him.

There are many thousands of women and mothers that John and his team has assisted confidentially with personal enquiries over the years, that are discreetly assisted under the radar and never make the headlines. Many of these enquiries are: homelessness, bullying issues, health issues, medical card queries, social welfare payments, domestic abuse, pensions, work related disciplinary cases and environmental enquiries....plus many more. These very real worries to women were handled with the greatest respect and courtesy! John operates an open door policy to all in need. Constituency office located at Oak Villa, Military road behind Childrens Group Link.

We would like to acknowledge that his intentions have always been honorable and we are grateful for his support and the dignity & respect he has always shown us. We hope he continues to fight our corner in the South East on so many difficult issues. None of us are perfect or indeed trained to deal with some new situations and its only human to make mistakes. John has apologised for any upset caused and we believe that to be heartfelt and sincere.

We look forward to some exciting Conferences in 2018 and thank him for supporting us behind the scenes discreetly.

Yours sincerely,

Jo Cregan

on behalf of,

The Waterford Women's Support Network


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