Thursday, 18th January 2018
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Communities need to take a long searching look at how we ‘celebrate’ Hallow E’en a chairde,

The Hallow E’en just past has proved to be a fairly troubled affair in our town here. After a goodly number of pacific years, perhaps we were blasé about the potential that the festival had in the past to devolve into a vandals’ charter.

There were many people very upset and frightened, with widespread use of fireworks, fires, criminal damage, intimidation and antisocial behaviour.

I cannot remember when I had so much annoyance conveyed to me – and requests that there needs to be a rethink about how we manage the occasion.

Many people were discommoded and frightened – particularly our older citizens.

One pair of nonagenarians had about fifty youths outside their house for the better part of an hour – baying, burning, ghouling and swearing.

Another woman told me that she approached a couple of boys [she reckoned they were no more than 12/13] who were in her garden. One of them replied to her that – if she knew what was good for her, she should go back inside.

Another related to me that – for the twelve guards on duty that night – some parts of the town were no-go areas.

We must address this issue – we will need to engage with our young people in an attempt to get them to contract in to "fun not fear" celebrations of Hallow E’en in the years ahead.


Joe Conway

Deputy Mayor

Waterford Metropolitan Council


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