Saturday, 23rd June 2018
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A class taoiseach

Even though an approval rating of 49% by the public doesn't sound like an extraordinarily high figure for politicians today it really is and it is a really good figure for any sitting Taoiseach to have. Leo Varadkar is popular for many reasons but perhaps one of the main ones is that he really hasn't been tested in any significant way since being elected to the top position in the country. He was elected just as the house was wrapping up for their elongated summer holidays and it is only now that the house is really getting back to sitting and debating the issues of the day.

Even so Leo appears to have the sort of qualities that inspire confidence in the electorate. First of all he is young and dynamic, the sort of go-getter who inspires confidence in himself and his party. Also his sexuality is in a strange way a bit of a boon to the man, it shows his truth and honesty in the way that he deals with the world and in these days they are the sort of qualities that people warm to rather than someone who would rather just stay in the closet, with everyone knowing, rather than just coming out and being honest about who they are.

Everything about the man is a great package that have people trusting in Leo Varadkar at this stage in his career. Because just as much as his approval rating is today you can rest assured that it is not always going to stay that way.

First of all there are always going to be issue and problems that pop up out of nowhere that overtake the news of the day into becoming some of the worst problems that any Government can deal with. Issues such as the X Case are problems that came out of nowhere to define the early 90's and no one would have thought that people would have been out on the streets over issues like that. Well we do know that people are going to be out on an issue like that in the very near future when the 8th Amendment referendum is going to be happening along with nearly 7 other referenda all happening around the same time.

In addition to these referenda there will be other issues that are going to be high up the pole when it comes to making problems for the Government and the Taoiseach. We all know full well what some of these problems are already but some of them like health will only really kick in with the winter season. Then there are other issues such as housing which is proving to be a huge issue in Dublin which of course means that is it going to be a huge issue for the Government and the Taoiseach, so that no matter how high the approval rating Leo Varadkar has at the moment it doesn't mean that it is going to stay that way. After all what goes up can always come down.


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