Saturday, 17th March 2018
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Dáil Season

Even though it seems as if politicians are never off our screens or gracing our newspapers the last number of months have been particularly quiet because the Dáil has been on holiday. Now all bets are off and it's time for the Dáil to be back up and running and the level of political debate will never seem as if it has been higher as all those ego's and those of their political parties will be getting a fresh airing after so long in the doldrums.

If you have a particular political bent then of course it is going to be good news for you but for everyone else they'll be waiting for the Christmas holidays to roll around so we can wrap up our politicos in cotton wool for about a month or so and put them into hibernation until the new year. As things stand everything until then is going to be all about politics and even though no one has a crystal ball and will be able to predict the individual controversies that always pop up from time to time there are going to be other items on the agenda that are already at the top of everyone's list of attention getters.

First and foremost of those, and particularly in and around Dublin, is the issue of housing and also homelessness. We have already seen that the Taoiseach using money to try and spin the whole issue of housing but it seems that nothing very concrete is being done with trying to make housing more affordable for the vast majority of people out there trying to get on the property ladder. An unavoidable downside to the austerity we have seen since 2008 the lack of housing stock has huge kick on effects in terms of the rental market as well as homelessness.

Another huge issue for the Government that is bound to happen later on this year is going to be another big health crisis as there normally is every winter. Trolley watch is going to be a large issue and yet again there is going to be a huge deluge of criticism for the Government over this issue. The one chance that the Government has to try and work out some of the issues surrounding housing and health, as well as other issues, will come when it issues it's budget on October 10th. We have already heard that it will try and balance the budget but if it doesn't have some definite plans to work on some of the most trying problems of the day then no doubt there will be more criticism coming it's way.

It can never be easy for a Government, a minority one coming off a huge legacy of austerity, to try and fix so many issues with so many people sick and tired of being given the same excuses again and again but when it comes to being earnest about trying to fix the problems that the country is in then this Government seems to be trying it's very best. But whether their very best is good enough remains to be seen.


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