Tuesday, 17th July 2018
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More by accident than by design the latest terrorist bombing in the U.K. didn't have the desired outcome even though 30 people did end up going to hospital. It is the 6th terrorist plot to come to some sort of fruition this year and it seems that they are happening in increasing regularity. It is no wonder that the British authorities have put the country on the second highest terrorist threat level of 'severe' with more armed police and army on the streets than ever before.

It seems that to secure peace you need men with guns. It isn't the most desired outcome but if that is what it is needed then it seems that it has to happen. There has already been one 18 year old arrested in Dover over this particular abortive bombing but there are thousands of others that have to be surveilled across the country.

It seems that people are not traveling to join ISIS but staying at home and doing their work there for them.


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