Tuesday, 19th September 2017
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Lack of accountability as another Garda Commissioner retires

Dear editor

Solidarity The Left Alternative this evening commented on the retirement of Commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan.

They said that the manner in which she has been allowed to simply retire while maintaining the confidence of the government despite the numerous scandals engulfing the Gardai demonstrated that there is no accountability for establishment figures.

They said that simply replacing O'Sullivan with another commissioner will not solve the crisis in the Gardai, and said that the police force should be accountable to the communities which they serve and be subject to democratic controls from these communities.

They also re-iterated their calls for a public inquiry into the alleged Garda conspiracy in the Jobstown trials.

Ruth Coppinger TD said "The end of Noirin O'Sullivan's reign as Commissioner is long overdue. However, the fact that she has chosen to retire rather than being sacked shows how rotten the establishment are.

"Only in the last couple of weeks, Fine Gael and the government have again repeated that they maintained confidence in her. They have been prepared to circle the wagons around her despite all the serious crises that have engulfed the Gardai - the McCabe smear campaign, the fake breath tests, and the lies told at the Jobstown trials. It looks like that even O'Sullivan herself realised that she couldn't continue before the government did.

"Rather than sack her they protected her despite all of the scandals and made sure that she remained unaccountable like her predecessor Martin Callinan. When will a senior figure from 'Official Ireland' be held to account for anything?

"Her retirement as Commissioner should allow her to walk away from her role in the McCabe smear campaign, she must be held to account for that. People need to know the role she played, what happened to her phones which have apparently 'gone missing'."

Paul Murphy TD said "Simply changing some of the faces at the top of the Gardai won't stop the rot which we have seen goes right through the force. From the gardai on the street who have faked breath tests, to the higher ranking gardai who committed perjury in the Jobstown trial, right to the top in the smear campaign conducted by the Commissioner against Maurcie McCabe.

"The idea that replacing O'Sullivan with another top Garda is not credible, the entire hierarchy is rotten. An Garda Siochana is clearly unreformable. Instead, as part of the socialist change we need a different police force which is democratically controlled by the communities they serve and are accountable to them.

"Solidarity is re-iterating its demand for a public inquiry into the Jobstown Trials where Gardai, like with the breath test scandal, were shown to be prepared to simply lie and fabricate a case."


David Murphy


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