Tuesday, 16th January 2018
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A Tale of Two Floods

While sometimes it isn't the best thing to compare and contrast two similar events that happen at the same time in this particular case comparing and in particular contrasting Hurricane Harvey and the Monsoon floods in Bangladesh, India and Nepal does seem like a worthwhile thing. The most important thing about the two events is that they happened at just the same time which makes it easy to compare and contrast them. The most obvious thing about the two floods is in the sheer media coverage that they both received.

Hurricane Harvey was never off our screens while you might have thought that there wasn't a killer Monsoon happened in South Asia.

Undoubtedly Hurricane Harvey was an absolutely tragic event killing people in their dozens and causing untold billions in property destruction. Over in Asia it is estimated that over 1,000 people died from the monsoons and while property destruction wasn't as high as it was in America that is just simply because people are not as well off as they are in that country and therefore have less to lose monetarily.

Comparing and contrasting the two events might seem like a not very worthwhile thing to do but you have to take into consideration how much we here in the West consider what happens here and its importance or perceived importance with what happens elsewhere in the world. If it happens in the first world to people like us then it automatically means that it gets more coverage and there is much more empathy for people undergoing whatever particular tragedy. If the same thing happens in the third world there does on the whole seem to be less empathy for people in the sense that we consider any tragedy that happens there as par for the course. It really does have to be a massive natural tragedy to catch our imagination here in the west to focus our attention on what happens in the third world. These monsoons which have killed so many people and destroyed so much of these countries rural infrastructure should really be getting just as much if not more attention than what is happening in America but the plain fact is that they are not because simply put they are happening in Asia. It isn't a great thing to try and compare one person's pain and suffering with that of another but at the same time you shouldn't really automatically put one above another's because of geography as is what is happening at the moment. Suffering is suffering no matter where you live.


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