Tuesday, 16th January 2018
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State Totalitarianism creeping into Ireland?

Dear Editor

The Irish children's minister, Katherine Zappone has urged the Catholic Church to stay out of the Abortion Debate. The personal agenda of any minister should not dictate who participates in any debate. The Minister is discriminating when it comes to allowing freedom of speech. The Irish Constitution clearly states that the citizens have the right to express freely their convictions and opinions even it includes criticism of Government policy (Personal Rights, Article 40, 6 i.) and this right does not exclude any one group of citizens, ie. Clergy.

Surely, when we engage in a debate on any issue, we should not discriminate against one’s age, gender, wealth, religion or social position. We should focus on the argument they make and weight the merits of that.

By dictating Irish bishops what they are allowed to discuss, Katherine Zappone lets state totalitarianism to creep into Ireland, where the minister alters freedom of speech of a group of people that does not support her personal agenda. Is this the country we wish to build for our children?

Yours sincerely,

Anna Walsh


Dunmore East

Co. Waterford


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