Tuesday, 16th January 2018
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Autumn is coming!

Of course everyone knows what 'Winter is Coming' means but before that you have to have Autumn and within a very short time that is going to be here and there is very little that we can do about it. For a lot of people it means very little, a slight change in the weather, as most seasons in Ireland we really have just one slight change in the weather to the previous seasons' without a great deal of difference. In summer you have slight warm rain and in winter you have slightly cold rain. In Autumn just split the difference.

Of course it is the time of year when the trees lose their leaves and some of the more intelligent birds leave the country for better climes. But with climactic seasonal differences there are other changes as well. These are more noticeable in urban areas and mainly have to do with schools and colleges coming back on stream. It is always interesting to see the youngest four and five year olds starting their school lives, heading off to school with backpacks that are bigger than themselves. Their older siblings may have more of a swagger about them but it is always interesting to see the ways in which the youngsters cope with such a huge change in their lives.

How they cope as well as how their parents cope, because it is not always just the youngsters who are crying at the school gates. Other than those that are starting their school careers at the other end there are those that are starting their college years and that is just as big of a wrench as anything else. In a lot of cases that means leaving your family and your home town to come to Waterford, or elsewhere around the country, finding somewhere to live and getting settled down into a whole new way of life. Getting ahead in your studies and finding new friends as well as having an active social life are all part of college and at times it can be hard to balance all three of those things but then again it is all about growing up and managing the best that you can.

There is so much that is different from day to day that college is a real learning point that it really points up as to what autumn is really all about. It is about change, it is about learning something different each and every time you step out of the door that it is a constant wonder. The temperatures might be dropping and the leaves might be falling from the trees but at the same time things are always changing all around you.

Winter might be coming and it might be coming with all of the most dramatic things in life, weather and celebrations but it doesn't mean to say that other seasons and in particular Autumn doesn't have much to offer. With all it's changes and all that it has to offer Autumn is definitely one of the best seasons of the year.


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