Sunday, 18th February 2018
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What a mess!

Round one of the Brexit talks haven't even finished and the only thing that you can really say about what has gone on is that the whole thing is a mess. There is so much posturing, so many provocative statements and so little content that you really have to scratch your head and wonder what exactly is going on with the whole Brexit agenda.

The fact that the Conservatives called an election to get greater clarity for the talks and ended up nearly losing to the opposing sides is one manifestation of just how much nobody seems to know what exactly is going on. While both sides seem intent on showing what exactly they are not willing to give up, at the same time they are both not showing any way forward either. In fairness this seems to be mainly coming from the British delegation to the talks and not so much from the EU side who seem to be pretty sure where they stand.

Then there is the important, for us, stand of the Irish in all of this. Taoiseach Leo Varadkar came out late last week and spoke about how he didn't want any form of economic border between us and the North. This was immediately jumped on by various groups as being 'unhelpful'. But how exactly it was being unhelpful not to have any economic border wasn't exactly teased out.

It seems that everyone just wants to get their main points across without really getting into it. Everyone knows that there is going to be a long way yet to go before Brexit is all signed and sealed. But the Taoiseach is definitely right about one thing and that is that there shouldn't be any economic border between us and the North. The border that will, in some form, be brought in between us and the Mainland U.K. will be bad enough but if there is a border brought in between us and the North then it is going to be disasterous for all sorts of reasons, mainly the Good Friday Agreement which has done so much good for both sides of this Island.

In talking about his particular stance on Brexit the Taoiseach went onto say that he is not here to help Brexiteers build borders between countries and specifically not in Ireland as a whole. It does have to be said that there should really be a great deal of support for the Taoiseach's position from the general population. No one should really be supporting Brexit in any way, it was an english obsession and one that obviously quite a few people are having second thoughts about now as the talks start.

It is only the start of the talks and we are already told that the hardest rounds haven't even really started yet so you can only imagine what the atmosphere is going to be like when the difficult neogiations start.


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