Thursday, 14th December 2017
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If there is going to be thing longer running than the whole Irish Water saga it is surely going to be how and when the Government gets around to paying back those people who paid for the service who not only thought it was the right thing to do but the legal thing to do, which it was. At one stage there was even talk that the Government wouldn't pay the money back at all but that was hardly ever going to fly. The fact is is that people are owed the money and somehow, someway the Government will have to figure out from what pot, or number of pots, they will have to raid to give people their money back. At this stage though it is a case of watch this space and don't expect the cheque to come through the postbox any time soon.


Letters to the Editor


    Perfidious AlbionThe recent statement by the UK’s Brexit Minister responsible for their leaving the European Union David Davis really threw a spanner in the political works last week. His remark that the joint text agreed between the UK and the EU concerning a soft Brexit for Ireland was more a statement of intent rather than the legal enforceable international agreement between both parties caused consternation in Europe and Ireland.Ireland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney was quick to …

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