Sunday, 17th December 2017
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Rights & Wrongs

Given the ubiquity of the car it is no wonder that any time there is proposed legislation banning certain behaviours that there is some sort of outcry against it. The Cabinet approval of Transport Minister Shane Ross’ ban of three months of anyone registering a 50-80mg alcohol reading is yet another example of people saying that there are too many laws and legislations surrounding driving. The fact remains however that there are still too many people on the road drinking and driving and if anything this new legislation doesn't go far enough.

There really should be zero tolerance for any one drinking and driving no matter what the levels. Anything that impairs someone's ability to drive with the due care and attention that is needed should be taken seriously and steps should be taken to ensure that there is as much safety on the roads as possible. This also goes for those who drive too fast and those who drive while on their mobiles. These should also be taken as seriously as drink driving and should have the same zero tolerance shown by the Gardaí and should have the necessary levels of legislation there to back them up.

Those opposed to the new legislation that is proposed by Shane Ross say that it is a direct attack on rural Ireland and in particular the rural pub that in many areas is the center of social life there. Now it seems as if the Government might be trying to get around this by bringing in special tax cuts for vintners so that they might be able to provide proper transport for their customers rather than their customers trying to break the law and causing untold damage because of it.

What is most surprising about all of this is the fact that it is causing so much brouhaha. What is so terrible about having a strict policy on people drinking and driving? It shouldn't really cause so much outcry but for some reason it does, and the same goes for the speed with which some people drive and those who talk on their mobile. It seems that for some people once they get inside of their vehicles they feel themselves to be immune to the normal laws that govern the rest of the population. If anything these laws really are too lenient and don't go far enough. Fines, bans and points on licenses should be far stiffer and far more strict than they are at the moment.

It might sound like somewhat of the nanny state, but it seems that there still is a large segment of the population that needs someone standing over them telling them what to do as the message doesn't seem to have sunk yet. No one really has any inalienable right to behave in any manner liable to cause injury or death to anyone else on the roads so it is time that we stopped pretending as if they did.


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