Tuesday, 22nd May 2018
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A presentation was held to Henry Maloney (Unite the Union) on behalf of the Waterford Council of Trade Unions by its President Una Dunphy at a function held at the Grattan Bar last Thursday, in recognition of Henry's almost fifty years of service to the WCTU, the Trade Union and Workers movement.

Almost sixty people from a number of organisations packed the Grattan Bar on Thursday night last to celebrate the almost fifty years of service in the Trade Union and Workers movement by Henry Maloney. Presentations were made by the President of the WCTU Una Dunphy, also by Jimmy Kelly on behalf of Unite and Mr. Davy Lane on behalf of SIPTU.

In a fitting tribute to the years of service given to the workers movement by Henry, the secretary of the WCTU Tom Hogan said, "Henry Maloney and people like him only come along once in a generation, without any recognition or reward he would always go the extra mile for those people and organisations that were in need. Whether it was collecting financial support for workers on strike, going back to the Paper Mills dispute of 1966 or the Bus Workers struggle of 2017. As a WCTU delegate providing a fortnights holiday for the children of South Wales Miners at Woodstown, during the Great Miners Strike of 1984/85, it was always the case of what can be done, and this is how we will do it.

"Henry would never ask anybody to do anything he would not do himself first. He became synonymous with many worthy causes, as a representative of the WCTU or his own union Unite. His contribution to the many organisations he was part of was considered invaluable by them. From the Disabled Peoples Action Group of the late 70s early 80s,of which he was Chair for three years, along with others he succeeded in getting public and private spaces accessible for disabled people. As a member of the Kidney Care Assoc and the campaign for Dialysis facilities, he raised financial support from weekly deductions by the workers of Waterford and put a number of Dialysis machines into the WRH.

"He was a founder and board member of the Spring Garden Workshops, raising the first eight thousand pounds to lay the foundations for their premises. He was very much involved with Meals on Wheels for a number of years and is a board member of Assisi House where he was instrumental in the battles to keep Assisi House open. This facility caters for older people, many who live alone, providing day time activities along with hot meals. He was a founder member of the Campaign for Radiotherapy Services for WRH, along with Dick Roche a past President of the WCTU, recovering cancer patients and senior medical personnel.

"He has been involved from the start with SERT, raising tens of thousands of Euro. SERT now has eight buses collecting people from as far away as north Tipperary, Wexford, Kilkenny and Waterford city and county for treatment at the Whitfield clinic. Henry was the recipient from his Trade Union Unite of a rare gold medal award a number of years ago . This is given to people in recognition of outstanding service to the Union, its members and Community".

Thanking his family who were present for the occasion the secretary said "Henry is the finest example of an older generation of hard working people who paid their taxes and contributed unselfishly to their community to make a society out of a market driven economy where winners take all".


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