Sunday, 19th November 2017
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The death of a young Waterford farmer, Thomas Power, Bellelake, Woodstown, Co. Waterford who went into a fatal cardiac arrest in an ambulance bringing him to Cork University Hospital on Sunday last has caused widespread sadness and outrage throughout the South East.

It is understood that Mr. Power drove himself to Waterford University Hospital while undergoing a cardiac arrest. As it was a weekend and no 24/7 cardiology care is available over the weekend a decision was taken to take him by ambulance to Cork University Hospital. It is understood that outside Dungarvan Mr. Power took a turn for the worse and despite the best efforts of medical personnel in the ambulance he passed away.

His sister was on RTE’s Liveline on Monday afternoon and blamed the HSE for the lack of a 24/7 cath lab in University Hospital Waterford for his death.


On behalf of the South East Patient Advocacy Group firstly we would like to extend our most sincere condolences to the wife and family of the late Thomas Power who we understand sadly passed away on Sunday 18th June. We understand Mr. Power was being transported from University Hospital Waterford to Cork University Hospital in an ambulance for emergency PPCI services after suffering a cardiac arrest.

We are deeply saddened and shocked that another young life has been lost due to the lack of 24/7 cardiac care service in the south east region. We understand that Mr. Power's death was absolutely preventable and he is not the first person to die needlessly and he won't be the last if 24/7 is not implemented at UHW immediately.

This situation cannot be tolerated any longer by the people in the south east region. We are now calling on all TD's in the South East region, the Minister for Health, the Taoiseach and the Department of Health to implement 24/7 emergency cardiac care at UHW without any further delay before any more lives are lost.

We sincerely hope our calls will no longer fall on deaf ears and that no other family in the South East region will have to go through the trauma of losing a loved one so needlessly again.


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