Tuesday, 12th December 2017
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Another Fine Mess

It had always seemed as if Leo Varadkar was going to be the winner of the race to lead Fine Gale but until all the votes are counted and everything is all present and correct you can never be sure of anything.

But on Friday eventing all was revealed and Leo Varadkar stepped up onto the podium a winner. He didn't lead the race in all of the different categories and in one of the most surprising turn ups he did significantly worse than his opponent. In the section where the ordinary members of the party got to vote Leo Varadkar only got a small minority of the vote. It seems at least that he is not the firm favourite when it comes to the ordinary members of the party whereas as Simon Coveney obviously was. But the new leader of Fine Gael was nothing but magnanimous and said quite plainly that it was his role to win the trust and loyalty of those that didn't vote for him in the election. It was a good move to make and it seems but by addressing the subject he was taking that first step in offering a hand of friendship to those who have questions about his new leadership. The one section that didn't really have any questions about Leo were from those who perhaps know him best and they are his party colleagues in the Dail, Senate and in Brussels. Out of the 73 people eligible to vote, and they all voted, 51 voted for Leo Varadkar. If that is not a solid endorsement than nothing is. While all of this is great for Leo Varadkar as well as the positive publicity for Fine Gael what does it mean for the rest of the country? There has been much talk of the age of the man who won and also his sexuality as well as his ethnicity.

Undoubtedly all of these things play a part in making up his identity and personality that will no doubt go on to change somewhat the outlook of this party the fact remains that Fine Gael itself wfill not intrinsically not change as it is a right wing party with all that that entails.

It will still have the same intrinsic outlook and Fianna Fail who are just waiting for the right moment to try and take back the reins of power. Good luck to Leo Varadkar for now but probably nobody knows better than he the true scale of the task that lies ahead.


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