Tuesday, 25th April 2017
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Lookin’ good - O’Connell Street

dear editor,

As you are aware eight months ago, we set up the O’Connell Street Business and traders group. The group has been busy and I would like to take this opportunity to bring you up to date with what has been going on.

O’Connell Street will be a sea of colour next month thanks to all the businesses and residents who gave generously in making our street a better place to do business in and to live in. An overwhelming 90% of the people approached agreed to take part in this year’s City of Bloom. In the last eight months since the O’Connell street Business and Traders group were formed a lot has been achieved and a lot more is planned for the street.

To date over 20 buildings have been painted – thanks to all those who participated in brightening up this area - Dooley’s Hotel, Fitzwilton Hotel, The Grattan Building on Grattan Quay (which I was delighted to choose the colour of) and The Bridge Hotel” which is currently being painted.

The removal of the scaffolding on our beautiful church at the end of O’Connell street has no doubt lent itself in showcasing what O’Connell st must offer. Hopefully some- day, someone will sponsor the lighting at the fabulous dome which looks majestic as one is crossing Rice bridge into the city.

O’Connell street is certainly looking a lot brighter days - street lighting has been improved by changing the bulbs to led lighting, in the future it is hoped to have more public lights on the street to make it a safer place to walk for locals and visitors alike. Public signage has been cleaned for the first time in ten years and some of the poles which were directing traffic the wrong way have been corrected.

In the coming months, we are scheduling to have our paths repaired particularly the section of the path from Granary café to the junction of Vulcan st where it is worse and could lead to people falling. Hopefully this will be done before a serious accident happens. This is also the main area where the extra lighting is needed most.

We are hoping that city council will play their part in brightening up the roundabout at the gateway to the city on Rice bridge by putting some flowers or a nice sculpture on this roundabout. Flags on Rice bridge like on O’Gorman bridge in New Ross would make a huge visual difference to the people of Waterford and visitors alike which is so badly needed. The flags could be changed throughout the months and could advertise all upcoming festivals such as: Spraoi, Winterval. When the festivals are not on the Waterford flag could be flying.

We really hope the people of Waterford will enjoy the changes that have been made and hopefully as we all work harder it can even get better. May I take this opportunity to thank all the businesses and traders for their continued support and hard work to ensure O’Connell street achieves its potential.


Joe Martin


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