Sunday, 26th March 2017
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Wednesday, 2nd November 2016

There is absolutely no question that Irish people have had, and probably will continue to have, a complicated relationship with alcohol. The levels of addiction and the resultant personal and social problems can be huge but there is always a level of individual choice when it comes to drinking. So the new rules on how alcohol can be displayed and sold in shops and alcohol outlets seem more than a little over the top.

Not only will the new rules be costly and hard to implement they also seem a step or two away from Prohibition era America. Hiding something away with wooden barriers or curtains isn't tackling something but merely obscuring it and if anything is worryingly juvenile in nature.

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Wednesday, 2nd November 2016

Dear Editor

I would be grateful if you could draw the attention of the readers of Waterford Today to an important patient conference being organised by COPD Support Ireland ahead of World COPD Day.

On Tuesday November 15, we will be hosting our first-ever national patient conference, "Save Your Breath" for people with COPD, or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, at the Royal College of Physicians, Kildare Street, Dublin 2. The event, which is kindly supported by A. Menarini, GSK and Novartis, is open to people with COPD. COPD is perhaps more commonly known by other names such as bronchitis or emphysema. It is estimated that some 380,000 people have the condition in Ireland.

The conference will hear from leading Irish and UK experts on the latest developments in COPD treatment and care, while attendees will also be able to quiz our politicians on

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Wednesday, 2nd November 2016

An Open Letter to John Halligan, TD

Dear John,

You were probably too busy to return my call; I would imagine that digging a burrow is quite time-consuming, and there is probably miminal phone

reception at the bottom of the hole that you have dug for yourself. So I would like to tell you what I would have said, by way of open lettter.

Well, I had three questions really; why did you do a ‘volte face’ on Tuesday's Repeal the 8th vote; why did you not show up for the vote, and why did you not explain these (in)actions to your constituents and to the thousands of women you have let down?

I know that with age, memory loss increases, so I'll remind you of your stance on Repeal the 8th; it might help jog your memoroy.

Dáil debate reported 5th June 2016.

“I am pro

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Wednesday, 26th October 2016

Leo Vs. Simon

It seems like Fine Gael can't hold a parliamentary party meeting without the proceedings leaking like a paper sieve these days. No sooner have the party faithful left the room then the entire contents of the meeting are leaked to newspapers and columnists with the ins and outs of what happened, who said what and who supposedly came out on top.

The latest particular twist, and there are many, are the ins and outs of who is shaping up to be the most likely leader of Fine Gael after Enda Kenny announces his retirement from the position. It would appear that it is between Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney, but how things will actually shape up closer to the time of Kenny's departure will be anyone's guess. But that doesn't stop the leaking and the briefings from stopping.

This week

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Wednesday, 26th October 2016

There are many things that Ireland and Scotland share, our Celtic history and a shared language, endless green fields thanks to endless rainy days and of course our fabled love of a good drink. Now it seems that we are going to be sharing something else. Thanks to a landmark ruling in the Scottish courts banning the selling of cheap drink, it looks as if cheap booze here in Ireland is also going to be on the way out. While undoubtedly it will be good for the health of some and everyone is well aware of the ruinous and pernicious effect of alcohol addiction it does open up the whole question of personal choice and responsibility as well as the fact that here in Ireland we already have the most expensive alcohol of anywhere in Europe, let alone Brexit implications.

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Wednesday, 26th October 2016

KBC Bank Ireland has revealed the results of a public vote to find the overall winner of this year’s Bright Ideas community support initiative, with the life-saving community initiative Waterford Marine Search and Rescue crowned the people’s favourite,

bringing their total Bright Ideas funding to €10,000!

The Prevention Saves Lives project run by Waterford Marine Search and Rescue is a weekend suicide prevention initiative which has to date saved an extraordinary 108 people from entering the river Suir with the intention of ending their lives. Each weekend night from 10:30pm – 3:00am, volunteers patrol the quayside of the river by boat, on foot, and using a mobile unit. The boat crew is trained in search and rescue, the foot patrol in cardiac first responders’ first aid, and the majority of volunteers are certified in safe talk and ASIST (Assisted Suicide Intervention Skills

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Wednesday, 19th October 2016

Citizens Assemble!!!

On Saturday 99 members of the citizenry assembled in Dublin to begin debating a number of various points of concern for the Irish people. In this particular case there is only one item on the agenda that will be of real interest to people and that is whether the 8th amendment of the constitution should be repealed.

The 8th amendment as it stands says that the unborn child and it's mother have an equal right to life. The 'repeal the 8th' campaign has been building momentum for a number of months now and it would seem that the Irish people are ready to have a referendum on the subject so it is more than a little disheartening that we have to go through this process of calling a citizen's assembly just so politicians, who are very, very wary of the

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Wednesday, 19th October 2016

The recent concerns over funding and pay in the Garda Siochana as well as the equally worrying cases of whistle blowing and the fall out of it has meant that a here to fore institution which has rarely, if ever, been questioned in the public arena is looking as if it is on increasingly shaky ground. There are set to be even more revelations sent to the Government by a senior member of the Gardai which does mean that this whole issue will, worryingly, go on for some time yet.

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Wednesday, 19th October 2016

Monday 7th November 2016 7.30pm at The Granville Hotel

The South East Patient Advocacy Group (SEPAG) is holding an open public meeting at 7.30 pm on Monday 7th November 2016 at The Granville Hotel, Waterford to which members of the public are invited to attend.

The meeting is being held to discuss the ongoing battle which has ensued to have the long-awaited, and much anticipated, 24/7 cardiac care services and the second cath lab implemented at University Hospital Waterford (UHW) without any further delay.

“We believe Minister Harris can no longer rely on the independent expert clinical advice he claims is contained in the Herity report after recent revelations of alleged political interference, along with the manipulation of the risk assessment register, the population figures and in the terms of reference furnished to Dr. Niall Herity”, commented Hilary O'Neill one of the founding

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Wednesday, 12th October 2016

Don’t get sick

The number of people on hospital waiting lists have hit an all time high with a figure of 535,000 waiting for surgery, outpatient appointment or diagnostic procedure. What is particularly worrying is the fact that usually the number of people on lists goes down during the summer period and it is a time where hospitals can improve their figures but that has not happened at all this year. Given the fact that the winter is soon upon us and the numbers of people accessing hospitals all over the country will rise significantly this means that the numbers on waiting lists will only increase.

Of course there are factors why this situation has occurred. The most obvious being the lack of money being spent on health as part of the Government's overall budget but also due to the fact that

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Letters to the Editor


    Republican Icon diesThe death of Martin McGuinness in Derry yesterday morning brings to an end the life of one of the most remarkable Republicans ever in the history of the movement. A person who made the transition from violent militarism to a key figure in the peace process in Northern Ireland. He died aged 66 in Derry’s Altanagelvin Hospital with his family by his bedside.A former member of the IRA’S Army Council he became Sinn Fein’s Chief negotiator in the peace process. He led the Sinn Fein P …

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