Sunday, 24th September 2017
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Wednesday, 17th May 2017

A Robbery occurred at Jay Bees Shop, Callahane, Dunmore Road, Waterford last week when two males entered the shop. Both produced knives and demanded money from staff. Some cash was handed over and the culprits left in a blue ford focus. Thankfully nobody was injured in the shop.

Later at 14.45 Gardai noticed the vehicle on The Mall, Waterford and moved to intercept this vehicle which failed to stop and as it turned into Catherine Street, collided into another vehicle on the Junction. The occupants of the car, two youths, fled the scene. Other units of Gardai were quickly on the scene and both culprits were arrested nearby. The driver of the other vehicle was taken to WUH as a precaution and was found to have suffered no serious injuries.

Both males 25yrs and 18 yrs are presently detained under Section 4

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Wednesday, 10th May 2017



In an age where nearly every piece of news is telegraphed way in advance, British Prime Minister Theresa May caught everyone by surprise when she announced that she was going to have a general election at the start of June. She firmly said that the reason for this snap election was the fact that she wanted a strong mandate going into talks with the European Union over Brexit and that the only way of doing this was go to the country and seeking their backing for her plans.

There is a certain amount of inevitability that the Tories will win this election, effectively it is theirs to lose, and it really does look like it’s just a case of how big a margin they will win by.

There is effectively no opposition in Britain at the moment as Labour are too busy

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Wednesday, 10th May 2017

Like the Cher farewell concert tour that lasted for a full 5 years it seems that Enda Kenny is still unwilling to give up the spotlight and leave the stage in order for others to take over. The whole saga is now a case of not 'when are you leaving' to one of ' would you just leave.'.

Everything that is going on now is just muddying the waters and when people look back on his career it will be the unedifying spectacle surrounding his departure that will truly take away from his real achievements in office.

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Wednesday, 10th May 2017

My name is Brendan Byrne, I grew up in Norwood Waterford, I’m married and have three wonderful Sons. I’m new to party politics; I got involved because I’m extremely frustrated that the voice of the ordinary Man or Women is no longer heard.

I’ve always voted Labour; they are the party that mostly represents my values and views so to join was natural. People and I included have felt left down by the Labour Party.

I’m not about defending the Party’s previous actions; but rather; defend the voices that they seem to have forgotten.

The Labour Party is changing with new people, new ideas and change is much needed. We must find a new way of doing politics, open, honest and reflecting the needs and priorities of our Community.

I’m an ordinary person, I too feel the same frustrations the same worries, I want

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Wednesday, 10th May 2017

Special Class Amendment to the Schools Admission Bill

Dear Fine Gael Ministers, TDs, MEPS and Independent members of the government

My name is Graham Manning and I'm the coordinator of an ASD Programme (2 special classes for students with autism) in a mainstream secondary school in Cork. I'm contacting you regarding an amendment that will be proposed to the Schools Admission Bill. This amendment will give the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) through their network of Special Educational Needs Officers the authority to instruct schools to open special classes where there is a need. This is an authority the NCSE has requested.

It will allow comprehensive strategic planning of when and where these special classes are needed. At present schools can groundlessly refuse to set these classes despite the need and pleas from parents, teachers, other schools and the NCSE through their

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Wednesday, 3rd May 2017

Not Over Yet

The controversy over the location of the new maternity hospital in Ireland and in particular who will get to own the building has only gone from bad to worse. And you get the feeling that it is not over yet and that it is going to get dirtier.

What is continually interesting is that the public has been told that the Sisters of Charity, who will get the windfall of a €300 million building, will have absolutely no say on what goes on in the building - they won't be able to take out any loans on the building and that for all intents and purposes it will be as if they didn't own the building at all. If that is the case why have they been given the building in the first place? Why hasn't there been a

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Wednesday, 3rd May 2017

At a recent meeting in Dublin the deputy head of Microsoft, Peggy Johnson, made a passionate plea that girls should stop opting out of the tech boom that is currently underway. She said that more and more women are opting out of tech savvy jobs around the age of 15 but should be pursuing actual jobs in the sector instead. In a rousing speech she outlined all the areas where women can achieve some of the best jobs in the industry with great salaries as well. Citing the fact that the tech world is still only in it's infancy she encouraged young women to go and pursue their dreams in this industry which has so much to offer.

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Wednesday, 3rd May 2017

Suicide is not the answer Dear Editor

I admire the annual Darkness into Light events organised by Pieta House to highlight the tragedy of suicide and to help save lives. I hope people turn out in huge numbers this year again to send a strong message to anyone thinking of suicide: You DO matter, you ARE loved, and there’s a better way if you give it a chance.

It’s said that most people at some point in their lives contemplate suicide as a way out of an especially daunting or seemingly insurmountable challenge. So there ought to be no stigma whatsoever attaching to consideration of this option.

But equally one should be aware of the alternatives and of the consequences for those left behind: Loved ones grieving for maybe their entire lives and, in some instances, blaming themselves unfairly for the loss of

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Wednesday, 3rd May 2017

Brendan Byrne newly appointed Waterford City West - Tramore Area Labour Representative has described as worrying the number of families struggling to make ends meet and forced to engage with alleged tactics of intimidation and harassment by Debt Collection Agencies.

Brendan Byrne made further comment, people need to be protected by legislation. Specifically, in respect of financial institutions who absolve or relegate their contractual obligations on outstanding debts to a third party, namely a debt collection agency.

When financial institutions reach such decisions then the contractual obligation of the debtor should also be dissolved. Why should the greed of other agencies impinge further hardship and stress on working people by getting a second bite at the cherry when financial institutions have effectively washed their hands of any contract.

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Wednesday, 26th April 2017

There must have a huge collective sigh of bewilderment when it was announced by British Prime Minister Teresa May that there would be a general election called for June 8th. Considering the number of elections and referenda that the country has gone through in an already short space of time it is no wonder that people are experiencing election fatigue. And even before this particular election the country will have local elections as well as mayoral elections in eight metro districts.

While many people might be scratching their heads as to why an election has been called, if you look at it from a strategic point of view then it is all too clear why May has called the election at this moment in time.

The first reason, and the main reason is due to the forthcoming Brexit negotiations which will be

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