Sunday, 23rd September 2018
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Wednesday, 18th June 2014

Looking Forward

Despite the serious news of reversals for Waterford over the last number of weeks it is heartening to see that this weekend we will have something to celebrate in the shape of the WiKID festival. If anything the festival shows without a doubt that whatever happens Waterford people are able to to tackle anything that is put in front of them with creativity and more than a touch of flair. There is no doubt that Waterford has had to meet some serious challenges over the last number of years and there is no getting away from the fact that it has been hard and that a lot of people have suffered serious setbacks. Hopefully though no matter what has happened the coming months and years will see a slow but sure positive advance for the city and county.

Sometimes it

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Wednesday, 11th June 2014

Lessons to learn

You cannot judge the past by the present. You can at the same time realise that there are certain standards of acceptable behaviour that are constant. Constants such as a regard for life and an understanding that the weak and powerless are as deserving of a quality of care as the rest of society. These constants were sorely lacking in how mothers and babies were treated in the Bon Secour's mother and child institution in Tuam from the 1920's onwards. The manner in which the children who died there were treated understandably have made headlines all over the world, once again showing that Ireland, no matter how we might view ourselves, was not a country that really understood or practised the religious values of care and specifically care for the vulnerable that we so often prided ourselves on.

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Wednesday, 4th June 2014

Second Chance

The swiftness with which Eamonn Gilmore stepped down from the leadership of the Labour Party surely has to be commended considering the disastrous results which his party received in the recent elections. He could have fought on but he would have always been a target for dissent. Instead he took a step which is rarely taken in Irish politics and bowed out, recognising that he had failed the party terribly and that his time as leader was definitely up. You could argue that it was not so much Eamonn Gilmore that failed but his party as a whole but that doesn't take into account the nature of leadership and the manner in which a leader puts their own stamp on the party and on its policies and specifically the manner in which they behave whilst in Government. It was

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Wednesday, 28th May 2014

In And Out

After a very long count for all the candidates in the local and European elections it now looks clear that the electorate has sent a very clear message to the Government. It is tired of recession politics and budgets which has meant that their standard of living has sharply decreased. There is no other way to interpret the drubbing that the two Government parties got over the weekend as the ballot papers were counted. Although Fine Gael didn't seem to get hit as much as their Labour partner the two parties can not be in any doubt as to the seriousness of the electorate in the manner in which it made its feelings felt. Fine Gael and Labour candidates dropped by the wayside with each count and no matter how much leaders of the two parties tried to

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Wednesday, 26th March 2014

spring is in the air

Although the weather might not always be in agreement, you certainly can't deny that Spring is definitely beginning to make its presence felt. The weather is slowly starting to get better, daffodils are all around and blossom is starting to come out on trees. After suffering through one of the most difficult winters on record it is about time that Spring is at long last beginning to make an appearance. More than any other season Spring is one of the most welcome and eagerly anticipated. Experiencing the abject cold and misery of Winter only to have the weather become warmer and nature to reawaken is certainly one of the best times of the year. It is also one of the most important times of the year in religion as well. Spring is all about rebirth and

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Wednesday, 19th March 2014

A Good

News Story

While St. Patrick's Day is a celebration that makes itself felt all around the world, it is here in Ireland that most people want to be to ensure they have the best time possible. Now tourism figures have shown that the amount of people coming here to celebrate St. Patrick's Day have increased by 50% on last year's figures. By anyone's estimate that is a huge increase and the money that will consequently be brought into the country will be welcomed by all of those who earn their living from Tourism. Even here in Waterford that is a significant number of people. We are often told of the difficulties that Waterford faces when it comes to attracting tourists but perhaps we are not as forward as we should be in promoting ourselves as one of the country's prime

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Wednesday, 12th March 2014

A Sense of Perspective

Of all the headlines that have already been written about the crisis that is currently taking place in the Ukraine some of the more interesting ones are those that are prominently expounding the views of our own particular leaders. While it is only natural that the media here should carry the thoughts and ideas of our political leaders it is in the context of the Ukrainian crisis somewhat of a non story. Naturally enough our leaders are important. They are important to us because they are democratically elected by us. In a wider context they and what they think are not so important. Trying to parlay their thoughts and opinions into ones that matter on an international stage and in particular in relation to the Ukraine is a little embarrassing. People really need to get a sense

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Wednesday, 5th March 2014

As the world turns

We've had an Ard Fheis by the main Government party, stars walking down the red carpet at the Oscars and a notorious gangland figure being shot. But as much as all of these news stories have spent their particular moments in the spotlight there is still really only one news item out there and that is the situation in the Ukraine. We have had comments and statements from nearly every one involved in what is happening but it still seems that it is Russia who is really setting the agenda. As soon as the Crimea stated that it wanted to be independent of the new Ukraine and to throw in its lot with its northern neighbour it appeared as if what a lot of people feared was about to happen. Most people knew that when the government

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Wednesday, 26th February 2014

A study in Volatility

Events are moving so fast in the Ukraine at the moment that it is sometimes hard to figure out exactly what is happening and what, more importantly, the outcome will be. We all know that the President Yanykovych has left Kiev and that his main rival Yulia Tymoshenko was released from prison and said to the waiting crowds that the dictatorship is over. But as we have learned from similar situations in other countries just because the leader is awol doesn't mean that a definitive resolution to the conflict has been found. It would appear that there is still a lot to play for and that even outside the country there are lots of players who have vested interests in what happens in the Ukraine. Ostensibly the overthrow of Yanykovych happened because he wanted to have closer

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Wednesday, 19th February 2014

Rain, rain . .

In a week where there was bloodletting over allegations of bugging of the Garda Ombudsman, a week where the President was forecasting a disaster over youth unemployment and a week where news of wars filled the airwaves there was something else on the minds of most people. And that was the weather. No matter what you might think will top the news agenda at any given time you can rest assured that when an unseasonable weather front approaches then Irish people will talk first and foremost about that rather than almost anything else. Of course you might think that by this stage we would be used to storms in winter and good weather in summer but that isn't really the case. Nature has a way of reminding us on a regular basis that we are all ultimately

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    When the latest statistic that waiting times for patients had risen to their highest level yet, there can't have been too many people that were surprised.There are now over 700.000 people on waiting lists with over 50.000 of them children. That so many people are waiting for treatment in one of the most developed economies in the world is truly frightening. Of course you can take into account the underfunding of the health sector during the economic downturn but it still wouldn't fully explain why so ma …

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